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    Image result for july 4th

    Happy Independent Day,
    See fireworks, and smile at Green earth and Blue flags !!!!

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      a story form  helen faust
    I am an exile then, some other land
    beneath another sun must have been mine.
    I speak a new language and clasp your hand,
    I taste the grapes from your vine,
    They are sour, bitter to my mouth,
    I don't enjoy such,
    missing home, both north and south!
    I prefer my own kind of fruit,
    peaches or oranges are sweet and good,
    I dwell on words that's soft
    with friends and eyes,
    gentle and aloft.

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    Image result for indian tribes wallpapers 
    Urmila Matondkar, Fort Peck Tribes,

    Identity is important to all of us, but, it shall NOT block anyone
    from achieving and winning anything, we may not identify ourselves,
    we do seek common ground and try to think cleverly, aptly, and foolishly
    at times, it is a way to unfold your stories.

    Happy Writing!

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    Image result for waterbird art gallery  
    posted under nathan oglala sioux    lovely entry,

    museums and attractions
    Chris Dixon and Daniel Pawhuska

    we list lots of things
    we let people grow thousand mile versions

    woolaroc Ranch, Museum and Wildlife Preserve
    Webbers Falls Historical museum

    Three Valley Exhibits
    Tahlonteeskee Cherokee Courthouse Museum

    Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center
    Southern Plains Museum

    Seminole Nation Museum
    Osage Tribal Museum

    Kiowa Tribe
    Kanza museum

    Jacobson House Native Art Center
    John Hair Museum

    Gilcrease Museum
    Gardner Mission and Museum

    Fort Sill Historic Landmark and museum
    Fred Jones Museum art

    Five Civilized Tribes Museum
    Coo-Y-Yah museum

    my eyes grow dizzy
    my figures become numb

    the red eye opens wide
    the green sheen remains active in pride

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    Image result for swan

    Image result for swan

    Maryann Paturenskiajotab the swan fairy

    Hello, story tellers and poetic talents:
    Today we post two poems, and encouraging you to write poems, and share stories
    on swan theme, romance, haiku, lyrics, short memo, flash fiction 160, 55, or 100 words,
    anything apply here, good luck!

    featured poem number one:

    From the Gypsies Metamorphos'd

    by Ben Jonson

    the faiery became upon you,
    the starres to glister on you,
    A Moon of light,
    In the Noone of night,
    Till the Fire-Drake hath o're-gone you.

    The Wheele of fortune guide you,
    The Boy with the Bow beside you,
    Runne aye in the way,
    Till the Bird of day,
    And the Lucklyer lot betide you.

    featured poem number two:

    The Way

    by Edwin Muir

    friend, i have lost the way,
    the way leads on,
    is there another way
    the way is one.
    i must retracee the track,
    it's lost and gone.
    back, i must travel back,
    none goes there, none.
    then i'll make here my place,
    (the road leads on)
    stand still and set my face
    (the road leads on)
    stay here, for every stay,
    none stays here, none
    I can not find the way,
    the way leads on
    Oh, please I have passed
    that journey's done
    and what will come at last?
    the road leads on!

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    From the center of a crowd
    Shadowed by a cloud of isolation
    While on the inside looking out
    I can feel a silent shout
    Of desperation
    Wishing to begin again
    And wanting so much to fit in
    A world that has me by the tail
    I fear for all my days
    This chase within a maze
    Will never cease
    And as the feathers fly
    Into that discontented sky
    I search to find the source
    Of my release
    Just when I think all hope is gone
    I find the strength to lean upon
    Must come from wisdom’s bitter well
    As I kneel, I find perfection
    Inside my own reflection
    This truth is difficult to tell

    ©Kay Salady
    My entry for Bluebell Books Twitter Club Week 49

     she writes beautifully, thanks

    some interesting notes on natives(additional information)

    beggs, oklahoma

    Image result for colcord oklahoma
    colcord, oklahoma

    pawhuska, oklahoma
     Image result for kaw city oklahoma
    kaw city, ok

     Image result for emily norcross dickinson

    emily norcross dickinson, edward dickinson,
    parents to emily dickinson
    Delaware County Historical Society
    538 Krause St
    Jay, OK 74346
    Carol Hanby
    Delaware Tribal Museum
    31064 Hwy 281
    Anadarko, OK 73005
    Bigheart museum
    616 W Main St,
    Barnsdall, OK 74002
    Chickasaw council house museum
    209 N Fisher Ave,
    Tishomingo, OK 73460
    Kanza museum
    746 Grandview Drive,
    Kaw City, Oklahoma, 74641
    Tonkawa Tribal Museum
    TONKAWA, OK  74653

                          Duck Creek Casino
     10085 Ferguson Road,
    Beggs, Ok 74421
    Waterbird Gallery & The Cedar Chest
    134 East 6thStreet
    Pawhuska, OK 74056
    Talbot Research Library and Museum
    500 South Colcord Aveune,
    Colcord, Ok 74338
    Artesian Hotel
    1001 West first street,
    Sulphur, Ok 73086

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    Footnotes on Boats, Harbors, and Lighthouses

    image credit, David Balyeat, Denver, Chicago, and  Lower Manhattan
    greetings, we loved your active inputs last week,
    we feel absolutely positive about this week 50 prompt,
    it is about  
    hope, education, memory, invention, and satisfaction

      Image result for footnotes magazine from northwestern university


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    poetry road via sheryl page 

    a poem is written via creative imagery and unexpected sentences,
    it is like fishing at Happiness Ditch,
    read it,
    and smile!
    Thanks for sharing

    Hiding from Spirits Oct31 by PoetryRoad

    Anxiety stretched across a painted sky
    Emotions run from screams
    Shadows dance upon the graves
    Behind the stones I hide
    From the ancestors left behind
    Mindless thoughts turned inside out
    Regret fills my soul
    Words never spoken cry
    Pages of a book never turned
    Lessons too late learned
    The stone grows cold
    Against my back
    Darkened like the sky
    Time was not the reason
    Nor was the change of season
    Just life in a young girl
    Selfish whims and vanity
    Questions chase the shadows
    Regret fills the empty hole
    Forgiveness seals the broken soul
    The arm of death stretches
    Wrapping itself around so close
    The sky brings mornings light
    The tears dry and I am alone
    Reminded of a place called Home

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    Touch the sky dreams, image credit by  Gennova

     Image result for touch the sky

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    short story slam 51 weeks celebration, in addition to 5/2/2011---8/22/2016,
    five years, 3 months, 3 weeks long blogging, which means

    1835 plus 17 sun-moon days of story brewing

    our inspirational blogging prompts

    Microfiction Mondays by Susan PetitJean

    one of entries is below:

    a baby dragon is born
    the long horse kingdom is filled with rosy mood

    a diving king
    a swimming swan

    things sing
    if he smiles at shen

    thins loose
    if he giggles at ella mother goose

    things lighten up
    if he winks at googler juliet stevenfannies

    things cool down
    when he speaks of the name of henryetta francisco brown

    That’s a Wrap 


    Blue Monday - Smiling Sally's Gift

    Happy News!  

    Sheer Poetry

    Sheer Poetry


    We are looking for bloggers/writers who can work as officials, conducting bookreviews written by bloggers on the following categories:

    Mondays, The Poetry Paradise, (positions filled)
    Tuesdays, Novels/Short Stories Shine (positions filled)
    Wednesdays, The Children's playground, (positions filled)
    Thursdays, surprise to be announced
    Fridays, Cool Cooking (positions filled)
    Saturdays, Biography/Autography Books (positions filled)
    Sundays, News/New Releases(positions filled)

    Please leave a comment with your blog link if you  are interested in working as an  official, email for payment for officials, this is a non-profit orgnaization that intends to serve a community of bloggers who write, inspire, and share....

    This is a site promoting books, we list books published for free!

    Our first post is May 2, 2011...

    This sounds like interesting work. I am a prolific reader. It is my favorite thing to do actually! My blog is here:

    My email

    okoatokewa - the poetsaid...
    I would like to express my interest for this position, especially for the Monday - poetry paradise, but am open to others as well as creative writing and critical reading are some of my many hobbies.

    My link is

    This sounds really great. would love to work for the Tuesday section.

    my blog link
    Bluebell Bookssaid...
    Indie, Okoat, Paulam,

    please email as well...

    the result will come out within a week...
    I am interested. I just saw the post on my blog. Do I need to email you?
    Thanks for the heads up!

    Thanks Blue Bell...I will do the best I can to contribute what I can....and yes do we need to email you in doing so?.....enjoy as well(+)
    Bluebell Bookssaid...
    flaubert, Dom*, please send email to and

    let us know which position you are mostly interested in.


    Wellspring Of The Soulsaid...
    Thanks very kindly Bluebell!! Absolutely I would love a hopes and dreams would be to read more poetry!! I am at and I surely can't wait. Thanks kindly and be looking for my email. Peace to all poets/poetesses! Best Wishes.
    Hey Bluebell ~~ I would love to assist ~~ preferably on Mondays , Tuesdays or Wednesdays .
    My blog is


    Wellspring Of The Soulsaid...
    Hello Bluebell,
    Just a short note to thank you; would simply love Mondays & Saturdays.. Love to read and love to research and write!!!

    Have a happy day of Creativity!!

    Cynthia Msaid...
    I am interested in book reviews. My blogs are


    I will e-mail you also.

    Jingle Poetrysaid...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Jack Edwards Poetrysaid...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Jack Edwards Poetrysaid...
    I would be interested in taking part in the Monday Poetry position.

    My blog is :
    Bluebell Bookssaid...
    I am here and ready to partipate and I am excited to see all of the above comments!

    Chim's World of Literaturesaid...
    This is something i'd like to take part in..becos i do all my book reviews on my blog..

    here is my blog url:
    Heather Grace Stewartsaid...
    What a great thing you're doing. The blog has a relaxing bookstore feel to it - well done! Thanks for asking me to share my book information with you. I'll happily send you links with blurbs and purchase information to my three books currently for sale, also, you can check out Heather's Books at my site. Thanks so much.
    Jennifer Gladensaid...
    I'd love to help in anyway I can.
    Emmanuel Iboksaid...
    This is a great and interesting project. May the sun shine on it. I'd compile my book info as requested and send across. Thanks for inviting me.

    Arlee Birdsaid...
    Good luck with the project. I'll check in to see how things are going.
    I'm pretty covered up with things these days, but who knows about the future?

    Tossing It Out
    sounds cool!!

    I am game!!!

    I am blogger at "" !!!


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    today we promote two talented story writers, who write
    with love and care

    anjum wasim dar

    pageants of multi colored circles
    continuously  mixing separating forming
    eternal orbiting rainbows
    like multifarious lens opening in the sky
    up high,round and round they move
    effulgence extreme
    was the sky ever dark or blue
    incredible miraculous amazing hue
    Divine Power manifest unimaginable
    mesmerized I gaze and try to comprehend
    Love is Supreme in colors and scheme
    in a flash…all was glowing -the evening sun
    shone ,I saw it smile,coming closer …closer
    dancing with joy, whirling twirling…fading down
    I waved farewell… and heard ‘the predawn prayer’
    Call Sound…

    summer rain

    On the wings of Time…

    Many eons ago, humans and Gods lived together. It was a time of abundance and joy. Thirst or hunger were unknown and the slightest flicker of a desire was fulfilled. Into this world of bounty tiptoed Love in her chariot of flowers and myrrh, not to forget her gifts of passion and lust. With Love visiting them, the humans and Gods were put in a state of disarray. Suddenly, desires were not crystal clear as before. Their minds were often in the throes of passion, love and lust to think  without pause. They were like leaves on waves, tossed about mercilessly. 
    For the first time in history, a conference was called. Humans and Gods and animals and plants and insects and birds – they wondered how they could address this strange yet seemingly unsurmountable problem. Love was an extremely powerful force and they couldn’t stand up to her. They had never seen someone like her.
    Love attended the conference in her robe of jasmine flowers and lotus leaves. She heard them speak and listened.  And then, she listened some more.  Finally,  she told them they had a choice. 
    A choice?
    Yes, she said , in her strong, clear voice. It can help you stay calm and yet seat me on your mantle, worshipped with incense and doused in perfume.  
    Time is the choice, she continued.  You have been living a timeless existence. But just a little distance away, unknown to any of you, lies the eternal dark. A darkness that can be transcended only by me. An obscure land wherein lies the most beautiful thing in the world : death. When life can begin again.  Where we can begin, again and again. And that is my choice.
    You can live timelessly without me . Or you can choose to step over into the dark, where time can heal and soothe your soul. Over this wondrous thing called Time, you can become one with me and we can flow seamlessly over time (again), beginning again and yet again. It is your chance to be as powerful  as I am. The creatures of the world were perplexed. Love spoke again, 
    When you choose Time, you also choose me for but a short while. For I cannot fly but on her arms. And my charms are powerless before her magnetic, radiant smile.  
    It is decided then, said everyone.  We, the creatures of the universe, choose Time. We welcome her into our world.
    And that is how Time, Death and therefore Life, came to be.

    This story has been submitted to the Bluebell Books Short Story Slam  at :

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    Image result for reading

    image credit: Vagina Oaktree

    Image result for reading

    focus on mind reading, invisible thinking, weekend traveling, attentive listening, and
    positive wording, write some short fiction on yourself, your children, or things you enjoy.
    have fun!

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    Asim Kumar Paul

    a brave writer, poet, who works diligently sharing poetry and stories with bluebell,

    Short story slam week 52: READING

    I never go out with my son
    When he was child, because
    Finance did not permit that situation,
    King is mind, saint is not my attitude.
    Now I do not go out with my grandson,
    It is not that finance is not felt enough
    For that scope, it is still in scarcity.
    Mind has a motive, I can afford it.
    I discover that my grandson is waiting for
    Something new, reading, writing and playing,
    His young mind can marry prized motive
    That can spread life like a small butterfly,
    And make acquaintance with all basics
    Those can bloom with creativity for new world,
    But I cannot do that, his parents think
    Reading, writing, playing can flourish in curriculum.
    I fear trails and tails of that young mind
    May travel in barbed fence, and the world
    Will see a general view of that custody,
    Which preserves obedience to the king. 

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    Image result for poetry

    image credits:  Carolyn Greenwood,

    Reading is power, how to read and react properly,
    this is another question, we love anything regarding
    reading, writing, and sharing....

    a story shall be made mostly thrilling, inspiring, and joyful
    we focus on pleasant stories and beautiful reading environments,
    we love books, and admirable insights in those prints.

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     Rachel Wood  

    keep poetry running

     Image result for poetry reading
     Image result for poetry reading
     Image result for poetry      
    Shushi House,
    Jerry Parson and Ray Smith open business
    Climate and Non-Climate Controlled Units,
    Joseph and Pamela Poe rule,
    Diaz Remodeling LLC
    Marcelino Diaz, Skielay Rome, and Demi Kaylea hold the stocks
    Great Wall of China, Wicklow And Tag Agency,
    Bryson homes circulate Westwood and Oakwood Schools
    Custom Flooring Installation
    Darrell Romine, Amy Storm, Kat Wu, and Gayla Foster fine turn the piano keys
    Sukarochana Tile and Marble Installation, Wall to Wall Carpet,
    Lee Shaw and Marvin Harps join Steve Sukarochana for the set
    Quality Water Service,
    Miso Sakura, Toshi Kuba, Ramjee sharma, Tom Kent, and Bus Ella serve
    State Farm insurance,
    Larry Gosney, Sharon Robertson, Scott Leming, and Gary Johnson sing music
    never mind Paul McCully,  Sammy Jo McNally, and Kayla Lopez's worries,
    Emily Cain, Burns Hargis, Alfred Noble, Matthew Parrish, they worship
    Gao Qian loves John and Mary from Bibble
    Carolyn Green, Neva Lindsey, Chase Washington, Gay Morton, they read news, daily

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    Image result for fish swimming glittering

    Rainbowl fish by Marcus PFister

             Image result for glittering fish

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    Image result for hillford 

    Image result for hillford 



    Look at the nature , water or land
    Look at birds Breathing fresh air,
    Look at each of these animal
    Being it’s  confident self ,
    Look at the fishes swimming in sea
    Elegant ,graceful
    Just like dance…
    yet eyes wide open alert
    Flowing through life
    Not being Naive,
    Freedom is State of being free
    This is the true nature that should be!lgwiz00683the-rainbow-fish-ii-mini-mural-by-marcus-pfister-mini-wall-mural
    Relieve yourselves from thoughts
    that chain from being free
    keep moving…
    keep flourishing
    Living means having life
    Being alive
    Freedom allows one to live
    Are’nt we part of these nature
    and the other beings around?
    Free your hearts from noise
    fill them with silence
    Bring inner beauty and love
    Be free be happy
    exist in present
    Being present in NOW
    gets everyone
    A Happy living!

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     Image result for halloween

    PS: write a poem, or a short story about Halloween,  get your household
    pleased about your unique take on respect to those who happen to love 
    life as a chess game, and we win and also lose at the same time.

    Image result for halloween 
    It is about time to get ready for 2016 October 31 Halloween day...
    have fun riding your broom stick and image you are Harry Potter!

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    Image result for halloween at google

    Image result for halloween at google

     Image result for halloween at google
    Image result for halloween at google

    frightgeist and witch crafts
    scary moments and childhood nightmare

    when kids, adults, and young adults gather,
    they have spirits to think about

    yahoo, google, sony, motorola,
    ford, nisan, honda, toyota, and cisco

    apple computer fights toward hp or levono,
    dell pc stands firm toward toshiba

    lots of sweating moments
    let's understand Harry Potter, and Scrubby-Doo...

    please enjoy blog here  Alison Jason Clinton  

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    Image result for passport
    mage credit:  Feng Zhao

    Image result for fang mountain

    Greetings? How are you?
    where do you come from?
    where do you live?
    we come from the Gate of Heaven, Tian Men,
    we come from the island of Sheep, Mian Yang,
    we come from capital city of Middle Kingdom, Zhong Guo,
    we come from Windy city Chicago,  Feng Cheng,
    we come from North East Harbor Princeton, Princess Xiang Tan
    we come from New Mexico,  Prince Mark Hillford
    we come from San Francisco,  Saint Benjamin Stephan
    and we miss our hometown city Household Mountain, Fang Shan
    It is time to view these places as passport, visa, or driver's licenses,
    so that we cherish our memory art, and smile at Radio station we
    have listened, and feel confident about the airport we have stopped

    stay put, mostly,
    think far, mostly

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