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     Emanita  is one story teller who often believes that a true story with some
    icyling is better, and her tale does tag tents, the theme,

    of course, we also including a youtube post by k shawn edgar, and thanks

    check out the movie clip here:

    Madrid Elements Edwin Meek Brown Edgar

    here is the story posted by Emanita, written by Anita Bailey

    Bluebell Books’ Short Story Slam Week n° 37

    The Bluebell Book’s short story slam week 37got me sparked to write-up a rough short story. Before procrastination steps in, I decided to post it as is.
    So, here we go:

    Camping Confidence Canned

    By M. Anita Bailey for the Bluebell Book’s Short Story Slam Week n° 37

    My friend David  has a wonderful home with lovely back yard. As I live in an apartment building, on an upper level, being in such a yard always makes me homesick for my mother’s place back in the States. For some reason David’s yard also made me nostalgic about camping.
    Across the years, I’ve always been drawn to the idea of camping out in greener spaces. I did go camping as a teen, and even once in later years, after I moved to Europe.
    Yet, now I feel an underlying fear any time ideas of camping alone cross my mind. As a woman who used to eagerly embrace the idea of solitary camping experiences in exotic places, it’s awfully bizarre to feel that I can’t seem to muster up courage to do so today. Even the very THOUGHT that I would HAVE to muster up my courage is bizarre.
    Oh, I still have my one-person tent that I bought about five years ago and some of my other camping gear is still pretty functional, like my sleeping bag and its protection mat. But in today’s world I’m pretty reluctant to plan a camping trip even with friends.
    Funny though, one day, last summer, my friend David asked me to housesit for a couple of weeks. After the first week, an overwhelming urge to camp in his back yard began to blossom. My soul seemed to long for the garden as Rapunzel’s mother must have longed for the salad that grew in the garden that belonged to her next door neighbor (yeah, I know it was the witch’s garden, but not everybody else may know it! LOL).
    When I asked if, one of these days, he would allow me to pitch a tent in his garden David was really surprised. He told me he’d prefer that I sleep in the comfort of his home as a house guest. But once I explained my camping anxieties, he readily agreed.
    The picture you posted of the camouflage tent sent my mind flying back to David’s garden.
    Even though it’s winter here, I think I’ll just give him a quick call.
    You never know, maybe I’ll have my tent pitched by early evening!

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    image credit: google,com, Casique Morrison

    Happy Thursday, Folks,
    Please write your story based on what you see and
    have fun today!

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                                                                             Attribution: Wing-Chi Poon
    Image: It shows the point
    where the rainbow rises (here)

    'What do you see in a rainbow? Tell me!'

    He was taken aback! He was pleasantly surprised. Just taking
    a morning walk a few minutes ago, he stopped at the sidewalk
    The al Fresco shaded by the big umbrellas was inviting.He seated
    himself at an empty table. Not in the mood to talk to anyone so
    he thought. Then just as suddenly a pretty lady walked past his
    table. She hesitated. Turned around and joined him.

    She smiled, he smiled back. Nothing special in him, he thought.
    But she smiled! What got into her? And what a way to start a 

    'A rainbow? I see colors, lots of colors!' he said
    'Yes, seven in all'she added, 'do you know them?'
    'I cannot possibly recall' he said pointedly embarrassed
    'Just remember, Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain'
    Oh yes, that's the mnemonic, I remember now!
    'Yes, and it goes in that order, red, orange, yellow, green, blue
    indigo and violet. And that's not all! she quipped.
    'Why, are there other new colors to add?'
    'Not really, but yes! Not really colors but they are there!' she appeared
    triumphant with a wisp of a smile
    He was beginning to get uncomfortable. He was now into some
    serious conversation and she had only been seated a few minutes.
    And they were not even properly introduced and she was making
    him look stupid

    'There's infrared after red, and ultra-violet beyond violet, she continued.
    .And they influenced certain situations.......'
    'Ok, he interjected. ' I would rather see rainbow in a different light!'
    'Yes', he said, cutting her off midway 'I see dreams beyond rainbow,' 
    he said with an intellectual grin. What one feels in oneself, 
    the inner self so to speak!'
    'I had designs of such a feeling too, but I cannot place them' she confessed
    'I'm an artist and a poet and I see them in a totally different context. It
    floats in wavy psychedelic colors and invites.......'
    'And kaleidoscopic too, perhaps....' she implored.
    'Yes, perhaps too!' 

    'Hey, we've not even ordered coffee and this is going
    to take all day!' he suddenly blurted out.
    Yes, but I think I'll better be going now' she said rather abruptly
    He was stunned for a moment. He had mentally prepared 
    himself to have her to stay longer. Some refreshments would 
    be in order. But she apparently took it as a hint to 
    chill out from there. 

    Just as she had appeared on the scene earlier she left in a jiffy. 
    She had the courtesy to give him a parting smile though and 
    off she went, without coffee.

    He laid back on the chair with a tinge of regret and watched her go silently!
    (450 words)

    For Grace's at d'Verse Open Link Night #165 and
    Sheila's BlueBell Books Short Story Slam Week #38  -   
    dreams beyond rainbow sky

    check out the link of the original post here:

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    image credit:  Gina Acosta, Jane Elfers

    what do you think when you visit a children's place shop?
    do you have an agenda? let us know about your stories
    as a parent, an aunt, a uncle, a child, or a single person
    happy writing!

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    Asim Kumar Paul


    I am not that boy
    Who always wants to buy,
    I am that boy
    Who wants to bring
    Smiling, again and
    Again in the sense of
    Joy, watching
    Toy-selling shop,
    To follow teacher’s
    Saying, “Do not mess.”
    I am that boy
    Who always wants
    To avoid lure
    That comes ahead
    Of every shadow
    Of toy’s display,
    Yet I want one toy
    That has a story
    That can say
    Truth that is
    Dramatic always.

      David Bechtolsheim 
    the story of Liu Ying (柳岩),
    a daughter to Liu Shihe (刘士和),
    the niece of Wang Min (  王敏),
    granddaughter of Liu Zhongyuan (柳宗元)

    Liu Ying ((柳岩) was born on May 27, 1995 in Liangxiang hospital,
    Fangshan district, Beijing City, a daughter to father Liu Shihe, and to
    mother Peng Shuhua, the birth of Liu Ying remarks a historical mile stone
    due to the complex family relation and history.

    because at the time, when Liu Ying was born, her aunt Yan Ji, uncle Wu Jiahong
    reside 5200 Kenwood, Chicago, IL, hyde park area, and they are at students /spouse
    status, and when Liu Ying and her baby photos appear at Jiahong Wu (吴家洪)'s mail box,
    when Jiahong carries the hand written letter to Ji Yan, they were amazed about the
    unexpected marriage, and the baby girl,

    Jiahong sighed, "Liu Ying, an infant girl, which is good lately, but by Chinese tradition,
    Liu Ying's grandmother and parents may be upset since China boomer male birth, not
    female birth, honestly, "

    "I am sure Shihe Liu and Chuanzhen Peng will feel better if we spare a small amount of money
    and give it to them on behalf of a young infant's growth and healthy benefits." persisted Ji Yan

    with the permission of Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan (颜令宾) write back to Beijing, from Chicago,
    offering some sisterly friendship and a small amount of cash so that her sister Shuhua feels
    better about her baby daughter, and her husband Shihe Liu, and her mother in law Xiaosan Peng

    not much communication after that, today is February 28, 2016, when Qiangjiao Kong (恐龙时)

    feels guilty, after Jiahong Wu benefits Jialiang Wu, Ai Hong Wu, decides to include Ji Yan's
    close relative, Chuanzhen Peng, Chuanxian Peng, Min Wang, Shihe Liu, Simei Yan, Hounian Peng, things go dramatic, Shihe liu refuses to take support unless his relatives are included,
    but we don't know Shihe liu's two borthers, two sisters, thus we write a story on Liu Ying, and Liu Ying's grandfather, thus people know she is a good lady, Liu Ying resides Beijing,
    attending Beijing University currently, and will be happy to be an American resident if applicable.

    Ju er Yan |\  Zhongqiang Peng
                Hounian Peng

    Simei Yan |\ Hounian Peng
               Ji Yan (Sayshree Ambrose Yan)
             Chuanzhen Peng (Drew Miranda Peng)
             Chuanxian Peng (Bob Bradley Peng)

    Ji Yan || Jiahong Wu
        sheng wu
      tom lee wu

    Chuanzhen Peng || Shihe Liu
                 ying Liu (Patricia Minow Blair)

    Chuanxian Peng |\ Min Wang
                  yuewan Peng

    PS: the story of the story of Liu Ying (柳岩), focus on Liu Ying her family relation, and her mother's relative Ji Yan, Min Wang, Zhongyuan Liu...

    Zhongyuan Liu ||  Xiaosan Peng
                Shihe Liu (Leonard Proulx Liu) : a brother in law to Jiahong Wu, Ji Yan via Shuhua Peng
                Ericson Amis Liu (sister)
                Riekstins Tully Liu(sister)
                Faust Chuck Liu (brother)
                Norman Masinger Peng (brother)

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    image credit: Maureen Hanlon, Nicholas Baskin, Vemon Noble

    when the Month of March arrives, gentle spring breeze warms
    our face, we walk in the wild, and we have fun with lots of
    fine arts, we think of dreams of a dandelion, or wishes of a lady bug,
    we believe in higher education and support those
    who apply for freshman classes around the America greenland

    simply write what is your current dream, and share with your peers today,

    Image result for spring break at vanderbilt

     happy spring break march 12-20

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    there will be no post during march 13 to march 18, 2016

    many thanks

    for those who enjoy reading our short story slam,
    please continue and share whatever you can

     Image result for happy spring break
    short story slam week 40: the wishes from dandelion flower or a lady bug (Mar 3--Mar 27, 2016)cheers.

     Image result for happy spring break
     Image result for happy spring break
     Image result for happy spring break

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    Seeds Scattered


    Onto hostile soil
    Breaking down resistance
    Creating a perfect foil
    For disrupting the surface
    To see what’s below
    But, once you look
    and see the decay,
    You know it’s not worth the mental toil.

    posted by 

    74.  so be it  

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     Cactus Love, art by and inspired by Arizona and New Mexico, 

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    short story slam week 41, flowers, roses, growth blues

       photo 1d50f7fe-b772-44e0-a6c6-809f4c665b1f_zpsseaqelio.jpg
    short story slam week 41, on life's obstacles or on versions beyond normal domain (March 24--April 10, 2016)

    a. d. 1593
    a cock for Randy Williamson and Brad Underwood

    a. d. 1697
    a tiger for Teresa Yvan and Lawrence Witherspoon

    a. d. 1795
    a pig for Jasmin Romero and Maya Reed

    a. d. 1880, 
    a shop business for Yeovil Sherborne

    a. d. 1909
    a wooden boat for Ralph Lauren and Larry Gosney

    a. d. 1946
    a friend for Timothy Long and Julie Cohen

    a. d. 2015
    a robin for emily dickerson and lucinda zipperaq

    a. d. 1972
    a mouse for paredjink williamson and inglewood pedro

    forbidden love
    battling field of ink and pen

    impossible love
    beehives and honeydew relation rooted under earth

    love between a teacher and a pupil
    a pain in the neck, a thorn in the rose, and a cactus in your palm

    opposite views
    the red cheeks and the green grass in hot summer sunshine

    Check out the original post here:

     Kailah Angel Davila Oxford 

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    Happy April,
    simply think of our topics, and write,
    anyone welcome!

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    Close to the center,
    near to where silence
    fills my straining ears,
    where long years
    of searching end,
    I find you waiting
    my old friend.
    You take my hand
    and in a glance
    know all.
    Without a word
    down a bright way
    we walk.
    (in memoriam, Maryalice Clare, friend and mentor)

    check it out here,   todd shelbya 

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    3May Oatmeal is evil,
    Blasphemy is bad,
    Putin’s a weasel,
    Ukraine is sad.
    Spaghetti’s the Messiah,
    Today I drew a butt,
    Hand me some Rupiah,
    I’ll buy you a duck.
    Let’s plant daffodils
    In potholes and grids.
    Let’s rip our bills up
    And feed them to pigs.
    Let’s do the things
    We’ve always wanted to do.
    We’ll all be the kings and
    Free ourselves from this zoo.

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    Image result for dinosaur and world peace

    Image result for dinosaur and world peace

    it is about rare animals, and our modern world
    and how we make peace to ensure further basic standard and
    lovely spirits or civic living, happy writing.

    Happy Birthday to Tom Boone Pickens, Richard Huang, and Gweng Shu!

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    In a nutshell
    IVY college Cornell rises

    Friday Funnies,
    Weekend Crashes

    Dentists from Gentle Dental work hard
    a few services are posted to Stekerwart

    shoreline, smiles,
    long distance call, questions

    Hunter R. Rawlings,  shawn felton, Erin Rodriguez,  Richard OnyejuruwaChelsea Hann, Kervin Pillot, Katrina Stein, Tyler Twilley, Judi Byers, Kyle Downey, Brian Lee, Mariah McNamara

    folks look for frame of freeedom, while statue of liberty stands firm


    thanks for reading,

     Robert Hasty 

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    Image result for ossm graduation photos         

    Ossm Graduation,  hope and inspirations

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    a woman is lost,
    Anahi Estrada does help,
    Yaseen Shurbaji speaks,
    opening a door for winds of Dan Little,
    So, famous 2016 high school senior class,
    it begins with Kate Avery, Terry Berryman,
    It blooms in Nate Woo, Faz;ur Rahman,
    it firecrackers Nadia Sirajuddin, Mark Woolard,
    address of representatives of students add coal to the audience,
    Mary Thevatheril is frank,
    Allen Chen is confident,
    Emily Dial and Rhiju Das are reflective,
    Dr. Frank Wang, Dr. Xifan Liu, they tell us the key to the west,
    Lori Webster, Debra Cook, Susan Greenwood, Ethan Wood, Brandi Blue steal spotlights,
    Rebecca Morris, Sharon Jorski, Shannon Gorbet, Pam Felastu, Cynthia Brown look all right
    Carol Bennett, Lynn Morgan, David Drenman, Mary Ann Bauman, David Kighuradze,
    Ann Dell, Yasminda Choate, Joe Kingery, Jim Hill, Gina Roy, Isabel De Aos, Niem Luu,
    Cori Loomis, Mark Li, Ruibo Li, Kelly Chaves, Brian Chance, Shayne Johnston,  Amy Loper,
    what a show of witty face, still, the wheels roll, and the voice screams
    Mike Turpen, Kalpana Misra, Glen Johnson, Joy Hofmeister, Bret Danilowicz, Kelly Damphousse

    check out the original post,
      Ken Fergeson

    Image result for ossm 2016 graduation 
     Image result for ossm 2016 graduation  

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    Image result for tumblr

    image credit: tumblr,

    have fun writing!

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    thanks for reading our short story slams,
    we simply feel good enough to continue our journey,
    by recording our footsteps and come to a halt on story of the week 46,
    the honor goes to

    Dubuque Ottumwa

    Image result for tumblr

    it could erupt any time,
    it is silent mostly

    when a volcano blasts,
    lots of rocks burn

    dark sky
    overflow rolling stones

    there is no escape of natural disasters
    but facing the music and challenging the force

    the road is blocked
    the view is blur

    escape biases
    escape subjective assumptions

    seek green earth and peaceful meditation
    rest at flower mountain and smile like heaven

    so, if Wang Qi ( 王子文) is here,
    so does Chia Nay (贾乃亮), a broken arrow and a red rose

    despite the sadness upon Wang Qi and Chia Nay,
    we hope, wish, pray, discipline, rule, play, compete, and satisfy

    Wang Qi is a gem from Ottumwa, a film maker, and an actress from Disney,
    Chia Nay is the prince of Sioux City, a novelist, and an award winning from new york times

    escape fame
    we obtain hardship

    escape shame
    we harvest partnership

    posted under the name of 

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