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    Interview with Ann Hardy, the heroine in the The Northeast Quarter, a historical fiction novel. 

    Do you want revenge or do you want your land back?”
    Winfield, Iowa. 1918. Colonel Wallace Carson, the ruler of a vast agricultural empire, asks Ann Hardy, his ten year old granddaughter and eventual heir, to promise she will safeguard The Northeast Quarter, the choice piece of land from which the empire was founded.  Ann readily accepts – little knowing what awaits her.  When The Colonel is killed unexpectedly the same afternoon, the world around Ann and her family begins to fall apart.

    Welcome Ann, 

    Thanks for having me. I’m excited to be here. 

    Ann, you’ve had a pretty rough story in The Northeast Quarter. You had to go up against some unscrupulous individuals. Do you think the author portrayed you accurately in the story? 

    Ann: I would say so. Between 1918 and 1929 I had to grow up pretty fast. I had to learn to stand on my own two feet. I think he captured that period and all the details.

    What is your dilemma in the story?

    Ann: Just before he dies, my grandpa asks me to promise to safeguard The Northeast Quarter, the most valuable acreage on the estate, when it is my turn to take over.  My problem is being able to keep that promise when every crook and conniver in the county converges on the Carson empire, looking to carve out a portion for themselves. My goal is to keep that promise to my grandpa.

    Against the background of America sliding from a post-war boom into The Great Depression, The Northeast Quarter tells the story of Ann’s struggle to keep a promise no matter what. She witnesses the remarriage of her grandmother to Royce Chamberlin, the seemingly humble banker who institutes a reign of terror over the household and proceeds to corrupt the entire town.

    What are your achievements?

     Ann:  One of my achievements is encourage other members of my family to believe in each other while our world is falling apart.  It doesn’t prevent things from collapsing, but there is a strength in family. Another is that I do become a lawyer, but that’s after the story is over. The Northeast Quarter is about how I get there.

    Do you talk about your achievements?  

     Ann:  Not so much.  My grandpa always said, “If you are anybody and you’ve done anything, people will find out in their own due time.”

     Do you keep your achievements to yourself?  

    Ann: In The Northeast Quarter the achievements are private and personal.  They’re like skirmishes on a battlefield.   You chalk up your victories and defeats and prepare for the next one.

    Do you have any special strengths?

     Ann:  I can endure. I don’t realize it at the time because for most of the story, I’m reacting. My enemies, led by Royce Chamberlin, heap a lot on me, but I am able to take it and bide my time until I am old enough to make my move.

    Over the next ten years, she matches wits with Chamberlin, enduring betrayal, banishment and even physical violence.  She grows from a precocious child into a tough-minded young woman – watching, observing her enemy and waiting for the moment to make her move.
    And when the moment comes in July 1929, life in Winfield will never be the same.

    What do you think of yourself?          

    Ann: The events in the story prevent me from doing much introspection.  I’m like a soldier on a battlefield – dealing with whatever is in front of him.  Looking back at the skirmishes, I would say I come through it pretty well.

    How does the author see you?
    Ann:  He better see me favorably.  I’m  modeled on his mother.

    Do you have a hero?   

    Ann:  Arabella Mansfield.  The first female lawyer in America and a native Iowan.  I look up to her.  Whenever I run into a legal problem, I always ask myself how Arabella Mansfield would have handled it.  She inspires me to become a lawyer myself.

    Ann, seeing you circumstances, I want to ask if you actually get to keep that promise to your grandfather.
    Ann: You will have to read the book to find out the answer. 

    Social Media Channels
    Twitter handle: @smharriswrites
    Facebook: S.M. Harris
    Linked In:
    You Tube Channel ( link is a custom link to book trailer on you tube channel)

    Author Bio
    Author Stuart M. Harris
    Stuart M. Harris began writing for the theater professionally in 1991 when he was invited by the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York to attend a summer conference.  The experience led the native Californian to move to New York to become a playwright.  Several of his plays have been produced Off Broadway and around the country, among them. Oona Field produced by Diverse City Theater Company and Colleen Ireland, about a 90-year-old retirement home resident and her great granddaughter, that played in New York, Spokane and other cities, including Hamilton, OH, where it won ‘Best Play’ at The Fitton Center One-Act Playwriting Contest. A follow-up to Colleen was Spindrift Way, the first of ten more plays in the series.  The Northeast Quarter began as a full-length play developed by the Works in Progress Theatre Lab at Manhattan Theatre Club Studios.  Harris put playwriting on hold in order to weave the story of generations of Iowan farmers into his new historical novel. He lives in Brooklyn.

    This author interview brought to you by Rebecca's Author Services. 

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    short story slam week 56, passport by Kevin Wilson,


    Image result for passport
    mage credit:  Feng Zhao

    Image result for fang mountain 

    the family of Fang has a long time history,
    Kevin Wilson has the rumor,
    they are super tough, a family of four,
    a story unfolds as it is, it is sad,
    right before the first baby was born
    they have two unexpected miscarriage,
    one is  Xi Fang,  Wes  Hillford, who has grown two months and 3 weeks,
    pretty big, almost he can hear his mother's heartbeats,
    but the economic condition sets him apart from be legal,
    and he died at Five Fingers Hill hospital,
    another one is Bei  Fang,  Lotus Hillford, who just wears red cheek facial
    tissue, and barely knows where he is at, and the firm decision is made
    by his infamous father  Pete Silicon, the mother is Heather Valley,
    somewhat a shy woman who can not be so sure about her position
    as a woman, a mother to be, God seems forgiving them

    lately, Rosella Mary Boomer was treated as late boomer to
    Silicon household, but a sad incident could lead the woman to
    emotional drama, and Pete and Heather both write a small post,
    for that American girl, who seems fine with mother's computer,
    and too timid about Barack Obama's approach to her small body,
    it is sad stories and vital passports from 1991, 1992, and 2012

    the family of Fang, the household of Silicon, or Valley, survive
    with three lovely grown children, they are

    Children of Pete Silicon and Heather Valley

    Kevin Silicon
    Frank Silicon
    Stephanie Valley Silicon (above survived)

    Wes Hillford
    Lotus Hillford
    Rosella Mary Boomer

    when we take a picture of the family of Five, we enjoy our fateful moments
    from  New York City, Scranton, Lawrence, Little Rock, Salt Lake City,
    Wichita, El Paso,  Springfiled,  Philadelphia, Boston,  Miami, Tulsa, Saint
    Louis,  Nashville, Memphis, Gainsville, Bloomington, Bolder, Denver,
    Madison, and Los Angeles....

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    Image result for appreciation quotes 
    image credit: Megan Sherwood

    Image result for glittering thank you 
    Happy Thanksgiving, in a few days, we are traveling to
    Des Moines, Iowa state for three day break, viewing places through
    my family drive, passing  Saint Louis, Maryville, Dansville, Hopkinsville,
    Normal, Joplin, Tulsa, Ponca City, Newkirk, Lawrence, and enjoying
    Melvern, Marvin,  Owasso, Springdale, Bentonville, and Topeka

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    Image result for happy thanksgiving  

    Image result for happy thanksgiving

    Image result for happy thanksgiving
    Image result for happy thanksgiving  

    Image result for happy thanksgiving

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    firefox mozilla
    mark surman build higher mountain ground
    what a blast of internet thing

    think of Hackathon, Tech Crunch 2013 to 2016
    we rain our paws down the Valley
    paying attention to yahoo, and dell company

    Tony Sala, Tito Ham, Sarah Perez, Robyn Poore,
    Katie Roof, Kate Conger, Henry Pickavet, Titz Tepper
    they pile the world with programing and novel ideas

    Chris Nesi, Catherine Shu, Anna Escher, Alex Ames,
    Matt Burns, Bryce Durbin, Devin Coldewey, Mike Arrington
    they gather FEATHERS to fan

    Mark Suster, Jeffrey Hargrove, Danny Hargrove, Christine Hargrove,
    Tyler Pager, Madeline Kelley, Gauri Rangrass, Christine Lu, Treyvon Thomas,
    these people have fun with Sheng Wu, Henryetta Hillford, and Amelia Wilson

    Jane Castro, Jordan Crook, Michael Arrington, Greg Kumparak,
    MG Siegler, Andrew Keen, James Altucher, and Cyan Banister,
    they vote for Donald Trump and Michael Pence

    Steve Gillmor, Chris Dixon, Brent Bovenzi, Roman Dillet, Eliza Brooke,
    Stephanie Yang, Colleen Taylor, Leena Rao, Natasha Comes, Tom Anderson,
    they join Emma Cumeau supporting Eric Trump and Jared Kushner, smiling

    lots of technology
    we do rain praise to David Filo, Jerry Yang, Zach Bogue, and Bill Gates,

    original post is from
     Mark Surman

     Image result for teach crunch

    Image result for teach crunch san francisco      

    Image result for teach crunch san francisco

    Image result for michael arrington     Michael Arrington

    Image result for michael arrington         
    Image result for michael arrington   marissa mayer

    lots of high tech souls
    they sing at their nest,
    promoting internet and tech crunch

    Image result for firefox
    Image result for firefox

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    Image result for may flowers

     image credit:   Emily P. Trump

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    the story of the week is from decent poet Premi,  Premi 

    her poem is below

    Knight by premi

    Tenderness, Sensitivity ……nurtured
    Peace, patience………enhanced…

    Thoughts, views…………encouraged
    Talents, Creativity …….admired…

    Feelings……respected, shared…
    Love…………valued, treasured…

    Spirit …………adorned, adored.

    Taken care of…………as a Whole
    Against all odds…………

    In every atom of hers…
    In every dream of hers...

     Image result for story of the week 
    Image result for merry christmas glittering

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    Image result for spring wheat field

    Pure Innocent,    image credit: Mary Kloppenburg

     Image result for spring wheat field

    Confused and Worries, image credit: Lisa Clancy

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    short story slam week 59, hopeful tomorrow 

    regardless what you think,

    we are happy folks,

    we laugh at the day

    we tease at the mad cows

    we sing music to empty sky

    we say

    Enjoy a Beautiful Earth

    Happy Birthday to Justin Komng

    a grandfather alike

    he is a wit

    that roots for approval

    yet plant lots of rose, peony, rue, buttercups, and daisy 

    for all to smile at!

     Image result for happy 49 birthday

     Image result for happy 49 birthday jiahongImage result for happy 49 birthday jiahong

    Related image

     Related image

    Image result for spring wheat field 

     Related image 

    Related image
     Related image 

    Related image

     Related image

    Related image

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    Image result for choose truce

    image credit:  Gordon Haynie Cooper

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    How to Explain

    how to explain feelings that wane
    when once they waxed in fiery flames
    our breathing ragged gasps untamed

    sweating bodies now arid strain
    love’s a languid mess entangled
    how did it come to be this stain

    searching not where to lay the blame
    how to explain feelings that wane

    a poem by Bodhirose, which is simple and powerful here.


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    Image result for stuffed animals

    Charley Harper Amadillo atuffed animals, image credit by Martha  Nod Koala

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    short story slam week 61, a baby girl and her timid voice, who is named Paisley Rodhamucrowfawnt, we nick name her Angelina, Angie, from a place
    called Palm Spring, Quincy Street, Cincinnati, Connecticut state
    I hear her loud cry at about 4:15am, January 21, 2017,
    when Doctor Bumpstone pushes her through a dark tunnel, and
    giving her mother a relief without C-section, natural born, a cute face
    her grandparents Samuel Stephan, Ellen Kathleen,  Jessica Thomas, and Roxanne Engler-Hans all feel excited about this fresh blood, who carries spirits of Donald Trump,
    and who sets aside her own fame for about 21 hours without food and feeding, , and eventually twitters toward Wilson city, Wuhu lake, and Sheridan plaza, because she must
    absorbs some juice from milky way, and sings her small need song to Kingdom of Amelia Island, befriending to Vanessa Hudson, Sid Hudson, Matilda Beredjick, Douglas Page,
    maybe Megan Barry, Alex Pence, and Judy Guhwang have come, maybe Vivian Laurence,
    Mark Laurence, and Melissa Loperz have come, maybe Lucinda Southworth, Jill Gilbert,
    Abbey Wood, Thomas Cheekawood, and Gabe Mugroofz have come, we let it be
    a baby to

    Chris Rodhamucrowfawnt
    and Louise Hancock
    a big cupcake and a huge HI to the family for an excellent addition
    other siblings

    Vanessa Samrufz  (September 28 , 2015)
    Alison Wu (December 26, 2010)
    Samrufz Hillford (August 13, 2016)
    Paisley Rodhamucrowfawnt (January 21, 2017)
    Lilyn Crimson Cheekawood (November 22, 2016)

    Image result for baby girl names 2017
    Image result for baby girl names 2017

    Image result for baby girl names 2017

    Image result for baby girl names 2017  Amelia Wu Carlyle
    Image result for baby girl names 2017  Vanessa Samrufz
    Image result for baby girl names 2017  Paisley Rodhamucrowfawnt
    Image result for baby girl names 2017
    Image result for baby girl names 2017  alison wu when she was small

    Image result for baby girl names 2017
    Image result for baby girl names 2017

    Image result for baby girl names 2017
    Image result for baby girl names 2017
    Image result for baby girl names 2017
    Chris Rodhamucrowfawnt
    and Louise Hancock

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    Image result for firefox thunderbird

    Adventure of Indie Trojanwails and Cynthia Camarena via Firefox, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo

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    Happy Valentine's Day
    We love reading your poetry,
    or short story slams
    and keep those favors coming!

    Image result for happy valentine's day  

    Image result for happy valentine's day
    our selection is Asim Kumar Paul,
    Asim Kumar Paul 


    Went up to these stairs for acknowledging woman-power,  
    Went for praying to walk for life, as it is not easy going,
    Went for needs to acquire peace, yet not achieved by own deeds,
    Went to know the future for which I have paid, yet darkness exists,
    Went to see smiling in children’s eyes, near relations denouncing,
    Went to forget that neighbors are pinching, armed guards preventing,
    Walking with flowers and offerings in a basket is orange zeal, twittering.

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    A Gust From the Alley 
    Jay Friedenberg's haiku cover image


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    we simply scan and pick a random one
    because they all seem suitable

    posting name

    short story slam week 62/63, firefox and mozilla

    Image result for firefox thunderbird

    Winds [Friday My Town Shoot Out] 

     Image result for winds


     Image result for winds

    Image result for winds
      Image result for winds    
     Image result for winds    

    Image result for winds   

    Image result for winds      
    Image result for winds       
    abbey wood speaks
    mary fisher takes notes
    they watch sunsets
    fair-trade winds
    nature farm power mixes
    blythwood winds green
    panama, pakistan
    power and agreement tech succeed
    notable fame dies
    thomas jefferson
    sears and jill clothing compete
    yanking YanJi words
    Image result for winds

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    Image result for march madness
    image credit:  Balane Jacob Hargis

    it takes team work to win a game
    it does not matter when you lose
    because tomorrow is another day
    we can always opt for a new chance

    good luck,
    keep thinking,
    keep laughing,
    let wisdom and joy be yours.

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    Dreams Solace Grace 

    I implore you now
    to look up towards the sky
    and see a world you hold
    high above in your dreams.
    reach up and grab it
    and pull it carefully down
    just close enough
    that you may grab it,
    and inspire your world
    to be more than a dream.

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    Image result for san jose sharks 

    image credit: Alison Holmwood Park
    game captain:  Joe Pavelski

    Image result for san jose sharks    

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