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  • 09/18/15--09:00: a book by venetian peng
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     poets work

    The award winner will teach literature and creative writing at USC Dornsife

    Poet Claudia Rankine
    Claudia Rankine is known for her commitment to social justice. (Photo/John Lucas)
    The USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences has recruited renowned American poet Claudia Rankine as holder of the Aerol Arnold Chair of English. She will teach a wide variety of literature and creative writing courses at both the undergraduate and graduate level starting in fall 2016.
    Known for her commitment to social justice and her poetic innovations, as well as an incisive intelligence and wry humor, Rankine is the author of five collections of poetry and two plays and has become a sought-after speaker at colleges and universities across America.
    “Claudia’s unique ability to perform her writing, in addition to crafting vivid and powerful poetry and plays, makes her an invaluable asset to USC Dornsife’s English department,” said Steve Kay, dean of USC Dornsife. “I am thrilled to welcome her here to further her own body of work and to impart her artistic gift to our students.”

    Helping students take creative risks

    Rankine said she was excited to join USC’s intellectual community.
    “USC Dornsife has an incredible writing program, writers that I admire, people whom I have read and whose work is part of the stratosphere of my thinking,” Rankine said. “So to have the honor of working alongside them to me is kind of a dream come true.
    To run into people in the halls and be able to casually discuss their work creates a melting pot of ideas.
    Claudia Rankine
    “And USC in terms of its larger community — the American studies department, its social justice work — was very appealing to me. To run into people in the halls and be able to casually discuss their work creates a melting pot of ideas.”
    In her creative writing classes, Rankine said she was looking forward to working with graduate students on their dissertations and manuscripts.
    “I’m also looking forward to working with undergraduates and talking about poetry and activism and the history of 20th-century poetry. I’m hoping there will be room for more experimental classes that incorporate hybridity in writing.”
    Rankine said that in the classroom she is interested in creative risk taking.
    I am not that interested in polished work initially, but in the mess of creation.
    Claudia Rankine
    “I am not that interested in polished work initially, but in the mess of creation,” she said. “I believe that in order to be able to know where you can break open the tradition, you have to know the tradition. Then you can create and mine the gaps that allow your work to move to the next place.”

    Love of poetry nurtured from an early age

    Born in Jamaica, Rankine moved with her parents to New York at age 7. “My parents were immigrants looking for a better life. They both worked in hospitals, my father as an orderly and my mother as a nurse’s aide.”
    Rankine’s love of poetry began early, when her mother read to her Emily Dickinson’s “Because I Could Not Stop for Death,” the year after the family arrived in the United States.
    Rankine attended Catholic schools in the Bronx and then went to Williams College in Massachusetts, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in literature in 1986. From there she went to graduate school at Columbia University in New York City, where she earned an MFA in poetry in 1993.
    Rankine said she was inspired to become a poet by the work of Adrienne Rich.
    “There was something about the way in which Rich addressed social issues from a very personal position that made me want to write. This strategy of bringing the historical, the current moment and the emotional landscape of the speaker into the poem attracted me from the very beginning.”

    Latest work the ‘most important in recent years’

    Rankine’s most recent book, Citizen: An American Lyric (Graywolf Press, 2014), won the National Book Critics Circle award for poetry in March and the 2015 Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Poetry. In 2014, she was a National Book Award finalist for Citizen and was honored with the Lannan Literary Award, the $50,000 Jackson Prize in Poetry, awarded by Poets and Writers, the 2014 American Academy of Arts and Letters: Morton Dauwen Zabel Award, the 2015 PEN Open Book Award and the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literary Work — Poetry.
    Citizen, Rankine’s fifth book, is a prose poem that runs for more than 160 pages. She wrote it by asking friends about their personal experiences of everyday racism. The result, written in the second person, recounts these incidents — “calling them out,” as Rankine describes it — in a way that is brutally honest and utterly compelling.
    Citizen was a way for me to interrogate our present condition around violence and race in the United States,” Rankine said. “I wanted to start with the micro aggressions, with the day-to-day moments where racism initially shows itself in ways that don’t initially lead to scandal but that affect black and brown bodies’ mobility in the world. You constantly have to integrate these aggressions into your day-to-day living.”
    Describing Citizen as the single most important collection of poetry of recent years, David St. John, professor of English and comparative literature, and chair of English, said Rankine’s work has always pushed the boundaries of the contemporary lyric.
    She is without question one of the most powerful and humanizing writers we have today.
    David St. John
    “Claudia’s profound moral vision is nothing less than astounding,” St. John said. “In this historical moment, so wrenched by violence, her work has emerged as an essential voice of social justice. She is without question one of the most powerful and humanizing writers we have today.”

    Artist and educator

    Rankine comes to USC Dornsife from Pomona College in Claremont, where she was Henry G. Lee Professor of English. She has also taught at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland; Barnard College in the city of New York; the University of Georgia; the University of Houston; and the Iowa Writer’s Workshop.
    Her work Don’t Let Me Be Lonely (Graywolf Press, 2004), a meditation on death, has been acclaimed for its unique blend of poetry, essay, lyric and television imagery. Her other collections of poetry include Nothing in Nature Is Private (Cleveland State University Poetry Press, 1994), which won the Cleveland State Poetry Prize; The End of the Alphabet (Grove/Atlantic, 1998); and PLOT (Grove/Atlantic, 2001).
    Rankine’s work has appeared in many journals, including the Southern Review and the Kenyon Review.
    Her play, The Provenance of Beauty: A South Bronx Travelogue, was a 2011 Distinguished Development Project Selection in the American Voices New Play Institute at Arena Stage. Nominated for a Drama Desk Award, it was originally performed on a bus touring the South Bronx in September and October 2009.
    Rankine wrote Existing Conditions With Casey Llewellyn, a three-act play commissioned by the Mellon Foundation and Haverford College and performed in 2010. In 2013, she was elected a chancellor of the Academy of American Poets in 2013.
    Rankine also collaborates on documentary multimedia pieces with her husband, photographer and film director John Lucas.

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    image credit:, peanut cartoon entertainment

    Dear Writers, your talent is promising, you are welcome to
    join us for our short story slam prompt 31, simply write what's
    coming to your mind, post in your blog, tag us if possible,
    and submit to this inlinkz to share...We value your input and
    looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Happy Halloween!
    Pandi Loper loves Halloween!

    PS: write a poem, or a short story about Halloween,  get your peers
    pleased about your unique take on respect to those who happen to love 
    life as a chess game, and we win and also lose at the same time.

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    Hello, How is your Tuesday?
    This week, we have lots of impressive writers joining us, and it is nice to see
    Everyone has done perfect job, each piece is written with care and wit, thanks…if I must pick one, then
    I give the winner to  

     Marcie Barack Lankford Ramsey Constantin

     here is the poem

    short story slam week 31, write something or anything that seem spooky, uneasy, or scary.

    the restless ocean waves are overwhelming
    the way July sun does to earth;
    in flood of swamping thoughts,
    I see John Kerry surfing,
    with San Francisco golden gate bridge submerging,

    the nightingale frowns when the seagull deluges,
    rylan victoria swallows too much crest mouth washer,
    emotions inundate and bury,
    the rotation of earth, sun, and moon engulf level of water,
    a trillion sound bits collapse under the order of Bill Gates.

    if I admit I am feeling overwhelmed...
    When I feel overwhelmed,
    If I play around for a haunted experience
    before Halloween heat hits,
    everything will be either left or right...

    Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

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    image credit:

    Create a short fiction or a verse inspired by the image provided, have fun!

    everyone is welcome!

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    Bats of the Republic is an illuminated novel of adventure, featuring hand-drawn maps and natural history illustrations, subversive pamphlets and science-fictional diagrams, and even a nineteenth-century novel-within-a-novel—an intrigue wrapped in innovative design.
         In 1843, fragile naturalist Zadock Thomas must leave his beloved in Chicago to deliver a secret letter to an infamous general on the front lines of the war over Texas. The fate of the volatile republic, along with Zadock’s future, depends on his mission. When a cloud of bats leads him off the trail, he happens upon something impossible...
         Three hundred years later, the world has collapsed and the remnants of humanity cling to a strange society of paranoia. Zeke Thomas has inherited a sealed envelope from his grandfather, an esteemed senator. When that letter goes missing, Zeke engages a fomenting rebellion that could free him—if it doesn’t destroy his relationship, his family legacy, and the entire republic first.
         As their stories overlap and history itself begins to unravel, a war in time erupts between a lost civilization, a forgotten future, and the chaos of the wild. Bats of the Republic is a masterful novel of adventure and science fiction, of elliptical history and dystopian struggle, and, at its riveting core, of love.

    book link from

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    Greetings, How do you do today?
    This week, we have many interesting entries, and it is both delightful and sad to see that
    Everyone has done admirable job, I believe that each poem or short fiction is written with careful observation and extended wit, many thanks, everyone is the winner!1!!!
    And …if I must pick one or two here due to space restriction,  then 

    I give the winner(s) to  
     Cinday Gary Murray Tomblin Bullock 


    first let's read Kate's haiku, which gives us wings to see the imagery behind our solid footsteps...

    under the feet of a horse
    the long shadow immigrates north
    the wings of a drone

    clouds in the sky
    one bright sun beams its pride
    the world goes hide 

    I admire rainbow 
    when the rain drops sit 
    competing with fresh air

    Now, let's go through another poet, Cindy Gary's words to an unexpected theme story write:

    when Lindsay enrolls at Softwear Colgate high school,
    she did not expect Amelia to sit next to her,
    often feeling uneasy about her womanly period,
    and often she falls silent about Linsday's favor from a few boys

    the end is sad
    when Lindsay transfers to Westmore High,
    so that Amelia obtains some focused fame,
    eventually, both women attend UW college at Washington state.

    the ability to open one's mind and shift gears
    when it is needed is essential,
    thus, when autumn is in the air,
    we expect the leaves to fall, and pumpkins to sell

    seconds, minutes, hours, days, nights, weeks, months,
    years, decades, century, and dynasty,
    trees grow year prints called nian lun,
    demons wear consumes when it comes to Halloween

    the world seem placid, plain, and pirate to small kids,
    a quirky mindset won't win prize for being sneaky,
    don't call me blogging buddy
    unless you enjoy your freedom touching the board of writing whirling, daily.

    and check out both poets' blog links here below:

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    image credit:

    Please Create a short fiction or a verse inspired by the image provided, have fun!

    everyone is welcome!
    It Is all about gratitude to your parents, friends, teachers,
    colleagues, neighbors, and community leaders..
    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Something magical has been happening since I got up the nerve to publish my book, “Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen”.
    I present my book at readings. I carry it with me everywhere and expose it at every opportunity. I don’t care if people laugh and are shocked and embarrassed and even a little jealous of my accomplishments.

    Magical things have been happening.
    Facebook which I used to hate I now love because it brought me and my book to the attention of nieces and nephews and cousins I hadn’t talked to in a long time. When I check Amazon for royalties now, I am so pleased to NOT know who bought my book.

    The Pink Lady wants to have lunch with me. She is known in the West Valley for conducting lectures, workshops and classes in her house which is pink inside and out.

    My book was raffled off at Maybin Hewes “Still Struttin” show and the winner was the lovely star, Ana Maria Alberghete, who shared a bit of the romance in her life while I autographed her book.
    The laughing ladies of San Diego urged me to make a trailer to send to Ellen DeGeneres… Nancee Lewis is working on it. I assembled a wonderful bunch of local laughers and clappers to meet at my house January 15 for coffee, tea, cookies, cakes and me reading my stories while Nancee did her magic behind the camera.

    About Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen

    This book explores what seems to be the last taboo in movies and TV. sensuality after sixty, The author describes her "coming of old age" adventures in a hilarious book of stories about dates on a clothing optional beach with a retired Royal Grenadier to a movie shoot with an amateur director, to a real romance with a late-in-life true love. She hopes to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions and get more enjoyment out of life after sixty and also give younger readers something to look forward to in the future.
    Purchase at Amazon

    About Lila Lee Silvern 

    Lila Lee Silvern is a retired educator who directed a program for immigrant students, created many educational materials, and also appeared in a TV series, "The World Comes to Los Angeles".
    After retiring from a long career as a writer of educational materials for children, Lila Lee Silvern created a new image of herself entertaining at a weekly story salon held at a local coffee house.
    She was surprised to learn that her young audiences were delighted with her seven minute, ribald stories about seniors still enjoying sex, romance and a good laugh about themselves.
    She hoped to inspire the older crowd to drop some of their inhibitions, get more enjoyment out of life after sixty, and give the younger people a more hopeful look at the future. Sensuality after sixty seems to be the last taboo that TV and the movies seem reluctant to explore. This book may embarrass some, but hopefully it will titillate others to drop a few hang ups and grab what’s left of their lives with gusto and giggles.

    Lila Lee Silvern is a graduate of the UCLA Theatre Arts Department and received a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education from California State University. Northridge. She has had educational materials published and appeared in a KLCS series called, “The World Comes to Los Angeles.” She is the mother of two sons.

    Connect with Lila on

    Confessions of a Geriatric Prom Queen Book Tour brought to you by Rebecca's Author Services. 

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    Hello, I hope that you all have enjoyed a festival thanksgiving weekend,

    here is a poet or story teller you shall pay attention to, thanks for reading

      From Quiet Thoughts



    mind your place

    herman grant saw       what he thought was a buffet
    only to be ousted    for what    again   he thought was just a couple of shrimp
    no one would miss them      but that wasn't the thing that got him ousted
    what got him on the floor    heels in the air     boot toes squeak like  everything else squeaks
    when hands clench shoulders wielding their own contention
                was     the fact that he was not invited      
    no one else was
                           mind you       however he was especially not invited
         like pickles in dessert

         he pined the air  familiar as most     smiles lent   to himself
    as he enjoyed the plenty  

        the spread
              was vast    
     unwittingly    like severance pay in playpens
            all the others saw him      he was not to be talked to
    and to the others      locking eyes with him was  at first thought
      a hair pinned clothe       in thy        loose  to the wind yet no one asks why its there
                 for they do not dare
    tread beneath its shade  
       nor could they
         prepared a chance         to dance Two feet out    
    a bubble popped its' last regret

      and  they could not die       not now     the light Within is to good
        they sang
                      and the waves will lay me when I'm done

             and the others saw him as a rock that stays
    but not in the good way

    they  took him there and lent him neither

    pass nor preference   until gate
      the only thing he saw                 they proclaimed self sustaining invitations and they
    relaxed each others tones with calm
                      sounds             as  street lamp coils   fending off the first darkness of france
    without poetry
                    And to herman grant  the hole                                 thing seemed the same indifference was no difference
     when day became night again
    he sought to grow his hair and tend to the stars    noting changes when he saw them
        and spent his days minding places most of all

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    Image result for december themes 

    Image result for december themes 

    image credit:

    Hello, Happy December! Have an awesome birthdays this
    time of the year, especially those of you who are born in the year of
    sheep, goat, or Ram....we ask you to gather your wisdom,
    share with us about your experiences on Holidays, it could be
    a special case on your birthday, or a day who honors Christmas...
    Good Luck!

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    Soul Sale: A Rude Awakening 

    This is what it looks like when the devil attacks. Americus Dotter, a human egg donor for Yale University, discovers that many of her embryos have gone to stem cell research. Unknown to her she has contributed to an industry that is at the center of our generation's greatest moral and ethical debate. Her story begins when she purchases a vehicle off of Craigslist that was involved in a highway shooting of a local hero. When the case explodes into an FBI investigation Amy finds herself at the center of suspicion and a torturous battle for her soul ensues. Discover how it is that she keeps her soul intact and how she responds when she is called to the Court of Heaven and must testify as to her true intentions.

    About Americus Dotter 

    Americus Dotter was an ovum donor for many fertility clinics across the United States including Yale University, and helped many couples achieve their goal of creating a family. Stem cell research and the ethics surrounding it are one of her primary concerns. Her book, Soul Sale, is the raw story of spiritual warfare that she experienced in 2008 following the birth of her own child. It is an example of "quantum psychiatry," a term that is gaining popularity and support in the psychiatric community. Quantum psychiatry is thought to be where spirituality and science meet to expose unproven realities. In a time where the transhuman agenda is beginning to appear in headlines, the ethics surrounding stem cell research must be discussed and unintended consequences of our knowledge should be examined. Amy Dotter successfully sheds light on these issues in a creative true story not like any ever heard before.

    ·  Paperback: 258 pages
    ·  Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (November 1, 2012)
    ·  Language: English
    ·  ISBN-10: 148021082X
    ·  ISBN-13:978-1480210820

    Purchase from Amazon

    Purchase at Barnes & Noble in Nook and paper

    Read an Excerpt
    I stare out a strange window. Where am I? There appears to be a war going on outside. I have dedicated my life, my body, to creating life, and now the world is crumbling before my eyes. What have I done to deserve this? Where is a doctor? Why do lay here praying to die when just recently my future seemed so bright? Where are my children? Are they safe? Where is my family? 

    I want to pound my chest because it feels as though my heart is stopping. There is only a camera in the room with me. I know that no one else sees what I am seeing. The nurse is scared of me. Am I slipping into a  coma?

    I have tried to calm myself, but I am powerless against my mind. I need to say so much if this is truly the end of me. My thoughts just keep racing. I cannot find the strength to make this all stop. What is all of this supposed to mean? Then a calming voice whispers, “It will make sense when it needs to.” I am alone in the room. 

    “People don’t just all of a sudden become schizophrenic at the age of 30,” the psychiatric nurse said. How could this be happening to me? I am an egg donor, for crying out loud! I went through multiple physicals and psychiatric testing. I am in top-notch health. I have no family history of mental illness. Just last week I was fighting crime and making right the wrongs in the world. 

                    “Here, just take a pill so you don’t have to walk over hot coals or anything.”

                    “I told you! I am not crazy! Call the detective! The FBI is involved! These pills and injections are just making things worse! There is something else going on here, and I want to talk to my family. I haven’t even spoken to a doctor! You cannot just keep doing this to me!”
    I am shouting, but only a mumble can make it from my mouth. 

    Excerpt provided by Rebecca's Author Services 

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    Short Story Slam Week 34 on Holiday Sentiments 

    the winner is 

    the younger generations do talent show
    as Camelya prays from thousands miles away
    and Scott Stooding exams a rooster of string players

    the younger generations do talent show
    challenge they, you, and we culture
    from Jupiter planet

    As Camelya prays from thousands miles away
    quails swim under the current
    --fishing for an eel

    Scott Stooding exams a rooster of string players
    Christy Fine worries about Arron Fine
    Yet Westmore music team wins

    this entry is honored due to its attention to jeopardy television show and
    thanks for reading bluebell books short stroy slam week 34,
    see you next time.

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    image credit:

    Greetings, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 
    this time, we ask you to write about love, what does love means to you,
    how do you define love, and in what way you preserve love?
    any theme of love, friendship, loss, friendship, mentor appreciation would work.

    have fun!

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    as 2015, the year of sheep comes to an end,
    2016 the year of monkey or unicorn come near,
    We wish you music to your ear,
    and stories to mars from your dear!
    Santa clause delivers love,
    Story tellers share experience,
    Book traders demonstrate authors,
    Bluebell Bell Books Twitter Club promote gem fairy tales.
    We value all of those who contribute to our short story slams,
    Including leading book promoters, such as Malvin Mays, Eric Loper,
    Larry Alexandra Page, Bob Young, Jeffry Bezos, Amelia Wilson, Owen Yan,
    not to exclude Jim Wu, Abbey Wood, Tom Lee, and Sheryl Kara Sandberg...
    Let the bell jingle,
    Let the stroy lines flow,
    today we choose joy, love, and wonder,
    tomorrow we share books, musical dvd, and poetry reading.
     Image result for sam

    Image result for 2015 year of sheep

    Image result for books

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    Where there is love there is life.... 

    by Fiza Dawn 

    Love is such a complicated word if you look at it because as it has a binding factor in it, it does have the unbinding peace attached to it.
    That sentence above itself sounds complicated isn’t it?

    Well, I have a story to tell today specially when its a ‘short story slam week’ at BlueBells.

    Ruby was a loving personality, basically an independent, free-thinker and full of life. Anyone would love to be her friend, yes when I say anyone it means anyone irrespective of gender, age and even animals would love to be near this person.
    Love is contagious, isn’t it? That’s how exactly it was. Ruby’s warm and friendly nature attracted many and many would be her friends too. In such a time she met someone and this friendship turned into love. I am sure with Ruby’s friendly nature and caring lead this person to be in love because this person never received that from anyone, not even the so called close ones, that’s how he told to Ruby always.
    Ruby already being in a relationship didn’t even realize that this friendship has caused her to have an extra marital affair. At one point she felt that all she is doing is loving and not killing anyone. These kinds of hypothetical thoughts didn’t made her feel that what she was doing is unfair to the other person with whom she has a relationship whom she loves the same.
    I am not sure so far if my readers are with me, if yes then what are you thinking about Ruby?
    If you look at from Ruby’s point of view she is only loving and giving a hope and confidence to other person even though the relationship has progressed exactly like the one she has.
    Tough one, love indeed is tough and difficult to manage when you think love as food, things, place and money. You can’t share these things and you can only give to one unless this love is motherly love like many wife’s say to their husband also :) and sisterly love or so forth.
    Time came when Ruby and her friend’s love came out with their respective partners and it was not appreciated by anyone and I guess by now Ruby and her friend also realized that the love is true and fact is that it has no place here and hence they had to part.
    It was love that brought them together and it was love that parted. Ruby went back to her family. Ruby is a loving soul and wanted to give peace and was ready to go far away but even though her loved ones were hurt they all embraced her with the hope to give and get a life for all.
    Ruby’s friend, probably he lost everything in love. He just vanished in no time and then couldn’t figure out what happened to him.

    Looking at Ruby’s love story, all I feel is love is very powerful and love can make anything happen in this world. Its the love that Ruby gave to her family that they embraced her back as they all love Ruby. 
    Even though Ruby lost the friend for the love she shared, her friend saw a new life and new learning which will keep him going for long. 
    Love can be soothing, comforting, encouraging, teaching lessons, bring strength and happiness yet love can teach you a lesson which will be with you for life long. 
    Try to love instead of anger it changes the perspective of life and living beings.

    “Nobody has ever measured, not even poets, how much the heart can hold” ~ Zelda Fitzgerald

    ~ Dawn
    Hello, hoe is your holiday?
    for short story slam week 35, we honor a writer who writes about human emotions and
    thanks for reading, check out her link below:

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    image credit:

    It is Spring time, the air is fresh, and the field is loose,
    let's celebrate green earth, fresh air, and new born babies...
    innocent joy is of our major concern this slam week,
    have lots of smiles today!

     Image result for happy new year from curious george

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    today, we pass a honor to a post generated by larry lawrence page,
    which hosts lots of outstanding folks in the usa,
    the posting name is

    firestone tire and battery service

    before Sam Walton invents Walmart,
    There is a Murphy USA oil and Burger King lunch snack

    before Walt Disney builds Magical kingdom and Epcot,
    Thomas Boone Pickens promotes Clean Energy from Dallas, Texas

    Before George Walker Bush becomes a republican president,
    Laura Welch Bush has "The Hungry Caterpillar" books promoted

    after 8 years of Barack Obama and 8 years of Bill Clinton,
    we face challenges and questions of Xi Jinping, Shizo Abe, and John Handcock

    Today, when i drive pass Firestone service center,
    I discover some Rachael cooking tips, and a Sam water bottle, for free

    As David Mooneyhan sells healthy watermelon in his Perkins shop,
    Dustin, Jim, Chris fixes Ji Yan's 2011 Honda Civic car

    the family video shop next door is cool,
    nothing disturbs Bridgestone crew

    since the car is perfect in motion,
    we say thanks to Ottis Lewis, Jim Butts, Jason Virdin, Todd Cox, Steven Cline,

    and Bryan Douglas Hall,
    I do hear Frank Huang's mother, and i do send my blessing to Mariano Robinson

    many years of living,
    lots of people, products, food, and traveling

    Image result for jcpenney

    Image result for epcot.Image result for firestone

    Image result for

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    Cool Play Tent for Kids with Camo Color and Durable Construction by Pacific Play Tent

    Spring is here at Maryland, Winter ends in February  7th in Laos,
    How about a trip to Australia summer heat still roars strong,, or a vacation
    to San Diego zoo or San Diego Sea World, where you can expreience
    wild whales, dolphin show, or see water boats roll down a waterfall?

    anyway, it is cold at my home, I image a tent indoor and wish
    to let my thoughts fly and with short fiction posts worldwide...

    Thanks for sharing, your inputs are invaluable!

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