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    Image result for john shedd aquarium

    John Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, Illinois

    Image result for john shedd aquarium

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    The Winter of My Nature, check out the original post here

    Bob Hurley 

    Annie catching snow
    In the winter of my nature
    I retreat
    to pull into myself
    be still and gather energy
    for a cycle of rebirth
    In the winter of my nature
    I notice
    the beauty of bare foundations
    like the gnarls on my backyard tree
    covered in busyness before
    now visible and highlighted with snow
    gnarled tree in snow
    Tour Guide of My Home in Winter: What I love about where I live
    Photos were taken by both me and my husband, David.
    The first photo above is me catching snowflakes in front of our house.
    The second one is of a gnarled tree right outside my writing window.
    In the first row below is a shot I took of my neighbor’s back yard; another of my husband on the frozen lake at Firefighter’s Park, Troy, MI. The park is just across the street and we go there often for walks.
    In the middle row is a shot of the creek running through the Lloyd Stage Nature Center also in Troy, MI, after a snow. The nature center is about a mile from where we live and we visit there often as well.
    In the final row is a shot looking out from an igloo my husband made from the snow drifts left after shoveling our driveway followed by a shot of one of our cats, Starbaby, enjoying the view on a snow day from inside.

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    Image result for chalkyitsik, ak

    keep chalking off your emotional burden,
    adding sunshine and roses to your daily blog

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    Happy Valentine's Day 

    short story slam week 84, Febuary 22, 2018 to March 11, 2018....  
     Image result for chalkyitsik, ak

    Looking towards the Green  

     Image result for greens in february

    Image result for greens in february

    Wordle 340  


    which is which?
    what kinds of greens do we eat?
    newton lettuce?
    Edgar tomatoes?
    Thorton radishes?

    a baby is /was born,
    January 12, 2018,
    he is a heir  from relatives of Woodland and Yarisford 
    we call a boy  " Yi Hanyu",
    also refer to  Gordon Xochilyn Kingdom Brostowfern

    beside abbey wood and thomas leigha wood
    we recall liu shuangqian and ma xuan, 
    they have a son,  "Hong Bao & Lu Bu", 
    we laugh at the boy called " Barnes &  Noble"
    a baby girl dreams of Thorton, Sam, London, Seth, Trenton, Brandon, Charles, and Lucas...

    innocence smiles echo through sweet dreams of Meredith and Lilyn

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    Another anthology show was The June Allyson Show-DuPont Show, which one reviewer lauded “has become gutsy” with new episodes such as “Suspected,”  broadcast December 28, 1959, in which, according to the Pittsburgh Press, “Ann Blyth, a public stenographer, is in a hotel room, evading the clutches of an amorous business man
    Image result for boy with apple PS:  john, ben, mark, shen, seth, sam, frank, chris, london, tom, justin, austin, and joe
    whom do you think that Apple is the way for invention?

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    poetry and story inn fridays week 15, short story slam week 85, Sunday shadow shot, Friday my town shoot out made by Emily Cains 

    short story slam week 85: March 8 ---March 25, 2018...  
     Image result for walkway shadows

     Image result for walkway shadows

    his teeth widened when the mother calls him "good boy"
    trusting him enough to know that he is a apt wisdom
    a child needs confidence, trust, and assurance from adults
    which we intend to educate, influence, and promote

    River Deep  

     Image result for river deep

    Image result for river deep

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    Related image

     Meredith Newton and Her Apple Tree

    Image result for illinois goldrush apple   Lilyn Cheekawood picks up some Goldrush apples

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    Picture Credit:

    Kids are gentle in the morning light,
    Being innocent, they enjoy every moment,
    While playing, keeping mind pure as light,
    In their endless searching and learning with
    Elders who help them to train nascent minds
    To know the truth to find plucking of apples
    In the orchard is like gathering knowledge
    About life and nature and bees, altogether,
    Those hold history, story, poetry and
    Thus they move into speeches of God’s men,
    And know good persons, who say about truth,
    About light, day and night thus created for
    Distinguishing what it is good or evil
    And they learn talking about good things.

    They will sacrifice for others who love them. 
    to visit the writer, visit here  
    Asim Kumar Paul

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    2018 A to Z blogging challenge

    according to friendly blogger Alex

    A to Z Post Letters [2018] posting a word starting from A,
    B, C, ...X, Y, Z, during april, and have fun!

    Arlee Bird @

    Alex J. Cavanaugh @

    eremy Hawkins @

    Heather M. Gardner@

    Zalka Csenge Virág @

    John Holton @

    J Lenni Dorner @
    Alison Sandberg Jason Pritchard Clinton@ 

    Donnald and Melania Trump @





    Image result for texas a&m university football Javelinas cheerleader glittering    
    Related image  

    Kaylee Hartung,  Baton Rouge native

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    Image result for university of illinois at Chicago

    Image result for university of illinois at Chicago

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  • 05/08/18--17:37: story of the week 88, may 8
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    may 13, 2018 is American mothers Day....
    which falls in Second Sunday of May,
    good wishes to all motherhood in the U. S.

    Image result for dennis the menace cartoon

    dennis the mennace

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    Image result for non sequitur by wiley cartoon

    Donald Trump, he celebrates Thomas Boone Picken's Birthday,


    Image result for jef mallett  cartoon

    Seth has gone wild about his Dad   Harvey Frazz Mallett,

    good day, Richard and Sheng

    Image result for jef mallett  cartoon  what does   Jae Rose think of  Unicon  Prattson?

    Image result for garfield and his birthday  sheng wu is a great lord, he seems fat but cute too

    Image result for garfield and his birthday 

    Image result for garfield and his birthday

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    Image result for world peace through traveling

    Make Travel a peace making agenda
    image credit: Donald Trump

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    Image result for sheu albert and university of kansas      sheu albet is a profound faculty from university of kansas

    St. Patrick's Day 2018

    St. Patrick's Day is great

    Dallas World Aquarium


    Tortoise with Emily Tucker


    Image result for dallas aquarium

    Paisley sharp, robert sharp, Seth Wu

       Meredith Wood, Markshen Wood
      Max Thelma, Joe  Storm Kansas

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    Image result for humor quotes 

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    Image result for humor quotes

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    Image result for humor quotes

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     Image result for kitten 

    Lazy Kat   Patricia Clark seems cares less of what others say,
    cares more of what she feels about things

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