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    Dear Team,

    Thank you for giving this opportunity.
    I have tried to answer below to all the questions.
    Cheers and Keep Rocking


     Tell us about yourself

     -  I am a crazy person when it comes to moon, music and mother nature. Besides all this I do work for a virtual company in the Silicon Valley of  Bay Area (California) and contribute as an analyst and project manager for projects.

    Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you? 

     -  I have currently two blogs:  (English Blog - Dawn) - My name Usha means Dawn in English and hence the name.  (Hindi poetry blog - Sehar (Dawn) and my pen name is Fiza (Nature))

    As a kid I started writing diary and as I grew up it took the form of blog writing. I write what I feel from heart. Good or bad the experience are from real life and hence you will see the emotions are real and it will touch your heart if you spend time to read. When I blog, its like talking to myself and you can make out how writing is part of my breathing.

    When have you started blogging?

     - Blogging I started in 2005

    What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?

     - As I mentioned above I have two blogs (  (English Blog - Dawn &  (Hindi poetry blog - Sehar (Dawn) ), and I write prose and poetry in English and in Hindi I write only poetry.
    My theme is mostly on mother nature, reality about love, life and how we all can be happy and loving to each other.

    In the past I have written movie reviews as well... but lately due to lack of time and loads of work, I have found to express myself in poetry.

    What are the inspirations of your writing?

     -  Mother nature is one of the biggest inspirations for me - when I see those mountains in front of my house, or the deers walking around in my neighborhood and at night when I see that shiny moon up in the blue sky surrounded by twinkling stars, my heart unknowingly falls in love with that moment and the expressions comes out in my writing. I make love with my emotions, feelings and writings.

    You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it?

     - Yes, actually it's been more than a year it seems. I was introduced to Bluebell Books by a friend and I felt my lack of time issue was solved. The best part is that we get a topic to write upon and there is no restriction as what we write - it can be a poetry, short story, fiction you name it. The freedom with a bow I will say :) as I dont have to look around to find a topic but just start writing about it. I enjoy and look forward to Bluebell emails.
    The benefit of this is that you get to read other poets too. The way people think differently on a same topic or one topic, that many of us try to attempt. You get to make more blogging friends too. It creates and increases the network of writers - a healthy community that we join in.

    Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

     - I have many blogger friends whom I visit and read. I do not have one specific to call and leave the rest as I share very close relationship with most of the bloggers. I will have to give all of their's :)
    However there is one whom I love to read as it comes from heart... his name is Jeevan (means Life) and he is an inspiration to all or many.
    He writes on everything - you name it whether its nature, pain, life, travel or movie.

    Do you have a favorite book or author?

     - Alchemist is my favorite book and the author Paulo Cohelo. I think he is today's writer and his thoughts inspire me.

    What's your writing plans in the near future?

     - I have published one Hindi Poetry Book "Khwabon Ki Zameen" (Land of Dreams ) - ISBN # 978-81-8465-048-8 and its 2nd part is in progress for publication. I have written a book in English with the experience from a Call Center to Corporate World - If you decide to move on and reach the sky, you can. This one is in it's editing phase.

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  • 10/08/12--06:49: Monday Poetry Book Review...
  • Hello and happy Monday to all my fellow Bluebell poetry readers!

    I have come across an exceptional poet to share with you today. Exceptional that is if you like a poet that goes against the grain. One who argues for the "fleshing out" of the characters that she writes about and believes wholly in the extra details words can provide rather than the merely impressionistic flavor many poets prefer.

    Her name is Mary Karr and she is  an American poet and essayist. She rose to fame in 1995 with the publication of her bestselling memoir "The Liars Club." She is the Peck Professor of English Literature at Syracuse University.

    In her third collection of poetry, Viper Rum, Mary Karr delves into autobiographical subject matter; various beloveds are birthed and buried in these touching lyrics, some of which, as the title suggests, deal with drink:

    I cast back to those last years
    I drank, alone nights at the kitchen sink,
    bathrobed, my head hatching snakes,
    while my baby slept in his upstairs cage
    and my marriage choked to death

    in addition to Viper Rum, Karr has other books both literary and prose. She is honest, edgy and gives one the sense that she is on a search for the meaning of life.

    Aren't we all?

    Till we meet again, happy poetry and keep reading!


    read me at

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    Good Day,

    everyone has a dream or two, either innocent or mature,  upon this week's prompt, we have wealthy collection of poems or stories, everyone has done beautiful job. 

    I wish to feature a special one, his entry is reflective, and honest,  his dream is everyone's dream too, read it, happy writing.

    how dreams change? by Jj Roa Rodriguez  

    at five,
    what do i dream of?
    being a doctor?
    or a lawyer?
    or a teacher?
    i do not even remember.
    but i know i dream of something.
    anyways, that is what
    parents and elders
    would always ask little children.
    but after the worst incident happen,
    my father died when i was ten.
    something that a little boy or a child
    does not dream of.
    a lot of things have changed.
    i simply dream of surviving
    without him.
    conquering the fear of living without him.
    the what if's and but's
    of living just with your mother
    and seven other siblings...
    then, come in high school at thirteen.
    i learned that i can do it by myself.
    yes! i am young but i learned it.
    work after school 
    to have the wants that my mother cannot afford
    to give me,
    having eight children.
    so the dream changed to
    i want to be rich.
    what do i have to do to be rich.
    school, work and dream.
    after high school came college,
    sudden change of dream.
    success does not mean money anymore.
    i just want to be known for whatever.
    joined glee club in school
    dancing which became a passion.
    you bet! not any single occasion
    that i will not be on stage performing.

    and dreams changed from one thing
    to another...
    on and on and on...
    and now,
    at forty-two.
    on the other side of the planet
    where i am originally from...
    i have one simple dream
    the dream of everyone,
    of being with someone
    who would love me
    with no if's and but's.
    eat good food not necessarily expensive.
    have a humble comfy home,
    not necessarily huge and grand.
    and have fun every single minute
    with my family and myself.
    dreams! oh dreams!
    a thing that keep me going...

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    Tropical Toxic Art Illustrated By Asaf and Tomer Hanuka

    Dear Writers, your talent is promising, you are welcome to
    join us for our week 29 short story slam, simply write what's 
    coming to your mind, post in your blog, tag us if possible, 
    and submit to share...We value your input and 
    looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Happy Blogging!

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     Tell us about yourself

    I reside in the Bronx, NY with my mother and my daughter. I work in a homeless shelter in the evenings, while taking some time to write in between. I have written poetry since high school, as a way to escape the hardships I faced because of bullying, and as a vehicle for my emotional states. Poetry is therapy! I also enjoy other artistic vehicles such as painting, drawing, collages, and photography.

    Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you?

    My blog is titled, "Buddha's World of the Arts." I chose that title because i give all my viewers a taste of the art world through personal projects, links for online galleries, links for online art magazines, and pages with videos, famous poets/artists, and more! The Buddha in the title stands for a nickname given to me back in my 20s.

    When have you started blogging?


    What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?

     As I stated above, the Arts. I mostly write poetry, especially haiku and senryu. I enjoy the short form and, the challenge to express deep meaning in such a small format.

    What are the inspirations of your writing?

    The world inspires me, the people, objects, occurrences. And occasionally, something deep in the subconscious springs forth for creation!

    You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it?

     Yes, I enjoy meeting many wonderful poets and have fun with the challenging themes each time. That of course is when I decide to join for the week, lol. I can get lazy with my attendance.

    Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

     The Meta Bard (Marcin Kuhn)- His blog has a good mix of topics from: art, poetry, politics, you name it. 

    Do you have a favorite book or author?

    I loved Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, but no one in particular.

    What's your writing plans in the near future?

     Well, I have two Ebooks and two paperback books available, so I will just keep on writing until no one cares anymore, lol!!

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    Next Year in Jerusalem Book Tour

    Join Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, author of the romance, mystery and spiritual awakening novel, Next year in Jerusalem as she virtually tours the blogosphere in October and November, 2012 on her first virtual book tour with Pump Up Your Book.  

    About Next Year in Jerusalem
    You may be wondering why I chose the title Next Year in Jerusalem! for my new novel.  Why not Forbidden Romance or Romantic Travel or Spiritual Awakenings or Lust, Memories and Old Friends on Facebook?  After all Natalie and Maggie are two women, both caught up in issues that many of us face: a somewhat dull but faithful husband; a bad marriage leading finally to a divorce; a desire for adventure; unsatisfied spiritual longings.  They have a great friendship with each other, something research keeps confirming, keeps us young and emotionally happy, but life is far from easy for either women. 
    So again, why would I focus on a strange title that comes out of a book written thousands of years ago? 
    Here is one of the reasons.  Next Year in Jerusalem! is actually a phrase that shows up at the end of the Haggadah.  Those of you who are not Jewish may wonder what that is.  The Haggadah is a book that the Jews have used for thousands of years to celebrate and relive the Passover experience.  Many people know that the central theme of the story is how the Jews, who were slaves in Egypt, were finally able to escape and began their long journey of 40 years to get to the promised Land, which was Israel.  However, what a lot of people don't realize is that this theme is universal and can be taken metaphorically for all of us.  That is why when the Haggadah ends with the fourth glass of wine being drunk, and the words, Next Year in Jerusalem! the phrase becomes so significant. 

     Next Year in Jerusalem Book Excerpt
    Natalie didn't tell David (her husband)about her other dream, the one about Jack, the Jewish fellow from Chicago who'd been around to save her from despair after she decided she wasn't moving to Iraq. A diamond salesman, Jack now lived in London and traveled back and forth to Israel all the time.
    Natalie prided herself on staying in touch with lots of people from her past. Jack was one of them. Occasionally they e-mailed and he'd friended her on Facebook two years ago. Although they hadn’t written recently, if he read her Facebook page he would know she was going to Jerusalem. What if he tried to see her? What if there was still an attraction? Would she tell David? Would he care? Would she act out?
    Her life with David was so good and stable and predictable. And boring!
    Did I just say boring?
    No, she must have meant solid. Or did she mean solid?
    Oh, I'm a wreck. I'm miserable and I can't sleep, shecontinued to obsess. What about that cute secretary at the college? The one who has a sparkle in her eye whenever she talks to David? How old is she? Forty-two? Divorced and sexy. How would I know if something’s going on there?
    I'm going crazy lying here, she began again. Where’s the Xanax? Already packed. Oh, that was dumb.
    About Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein

    Author Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
    Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known positive psychologist, inspires thousands with her ENCHANTED SELF®. Around the world people benefit from her techniques to enhance well-being, and to live up to their potential. Known for her ability to make complex psychological concepts easy to understand and to implement, she has now turned her talents to novel writing.  "A great fiction read is a great escape, and yet, it is more! It is the gateway to new ways of thinking and behaving."

    Dr. Holstein received her Doctorate in Education from Boston University and her BA degree from Barnard College. Dr. Holstein has been a school psychologist and taught first and second grades. She is in private practice with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein, in Long Branch, New Jersey. Find her at

    Purchase Next Year in Jerusalem at Amazon

    Watch the Book Trailer Here

    Her previous books include:
    ·       THE ENCHANTED SELF, A Positive Therapy
    ·       Recipes for Enchantment, The Secret Ingredient is YOU!
    ·       The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything)
    ·       Seven Gateways to Happiness: Freeing Your Enchanted Self.

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    Tell us about yourself

    My name is Shanna Dodd. I’m 50 years old, divorced and homeschooling my daughter. I live in Louisiana. I’ve been writing my entire life. As a child, I was the one making up outrageous stories, full of adventures. I’m an avid reader who tends to hoard books...and cats. I’m trying to write a book at present. Actually write the entire book. I have a habit of coming up with the idea, plotting the storyline, creating the maps and so forth but once I have figured out the ending I lose interest. This time I’m writing without all the intricate planning, just letting the plot and characters lead me.  

    Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you? 

    I’ve been a regular journal keeper for most of my life. The blank page was my closest friend and confidant. With my first blog, I tended to write as I had written in my journals. Much too personal for public consumption. I heard about NaPoWriMo and NaNoWriMo. I had attempted NaNoWriMo but the timing was horrible – a death in the family. Then came NaPoWriMo and I was fairly successful with that goal. I was invited to Promising Poets and started a poetry blog through these sites. I don’t post all the poetry I write but a good bit and it has been well-received. Here is the link:
    From that came this site, Bluebell Books Twitter Club, I don’t always have time to write for this one but I do truly enjoy it when I am able. The input is always a great boon to my fragile writer’s ego.  Later, I started two different political blogs. The first, Revolution, was sparked by my anger at a phone call made to my mother by a local Republican politician. He scared her. This blog mainly concentrates on the budget crisis.

    The next one is called A Feminist Perspective. I have only one entry. I like to do so much research for these blogs so that I have facts to support my opinion that they are extremely labor intensive and time-consuming. Until recently, I was caring for my elderly mother so my time was extremely limited.
    The link for this blog is
    Recently, and the most active of my sites, is a website I created called Savory Riches. The link is It is devoted to cooking, the experience of cooking and recipes, of course. There is a blog where I basically ramble a bit about my life from the perspective of the cook in the family. There are, or will be, funny anecdotes from my own cooking disasters. All recipes are my own or my mother’s and have been cooked by me and reviewed by the sternest of critics – my children.

    When have you started blogging?

    My very first blog, which has since been deleted, was started in about 2006.

    What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?
    I answered about the themes above. I write mainly personal essays and poetry. I have just started exploring short stories and flash fiction. I am working on a novel at present.

    What are the inspirations of your writing?

    It depends on what I’m writing. Poetry is almost always the attempt to create an image of an emotion or a snapshot of nature. Occasionally, there is a story quality to the poem. One of my goals is to create a modern epic poem.
    Short stories and flash fiction I have written through your prompts at Bluebell. It was successful to the point that I search for other prompts.
    The personal essays are always opinion pieces concerning politics, religion, philosophy, and so forth. I am very opinionated and am at my most eloquent when expressing my opinion in writing.  

    You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it? 

    I adore the short story slam! It not only gives me the perfect excuse to write when there are other things I should be doing but the response has always been positive. I would welcome constructive criticism but either your readers are very forgiving or I’ve been lucky. I get a thrill checking the stats after a post and reading the comments. At first, I didn’t respond to the comments because I didn’t know what to say. I was so awed that anyone would read what I had written that I was speechless. It has increased my confidence in my writing ability tremendously. I strive to improve my craft because the response is so positive. And I would say that it inspires me to write other things that might possibly prove lucrative at some point.   

    Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it! 

    I really don’t know other bloggers. I know a few writers but they read blogs and teach writers. They write for themselves. I would love it if there were an online writers’ group. 

    Do you have a favorite book or author?

    I have favorite books and authors. I have very eclectic taste in literature and reading material. Two of favorites are Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry and The Winds of War by Herman Wouk. I’ve read everything by Stephen King and Laurell K Hamilton. I just finished the Game of Thrones series, at least up to the latest installment. Highly recommend. It feels a little like Sophie’s Choice here.

    What's your writing plans in the near future?

    I plan to finish my book. I plan to contribute regularly to my blogs and my website. I hope to get a job writing or be able to make a living writing freelance.

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  • 10/22/12--07:58: Article 17
  • Hi all you wonderful readers and welcome to another "poetry Monday" here at Bluebell!

    Today I wanted to start a new category of reviews for you. It is going to be called "The Best Up & Coming Poets". I will be scouring the internet and online poetry sites as well as brick and mortar book stores (my absolute fav) to find whats trending, the offbeat and most of all the "may have been overlooked" poems for your reading pleasure.

    Sound good?

    Alrighty then!

    Today to kick this off I am bringing you the wonderful work of  Laura Kasischke.

    She is the author of thirteen books of poetry and fiction. A Guggenheim Fellow in 2009, she teaches in the MFA program at the University of Michigan. In addition to her wonderful poetry, her novel   Her Life Before Her Eyes was adapted for the screen and starred Uma Thurman.

    Today we will be considering her book
     entitiled Space, In Chains

    So we found ourselves in an ancient place, the very
    air around us bound by chains. There was
    stagnant water in which lightning
    was reflected, like desperation
    in a dying eye. Like science. Like
    a dull rock plummeting through space, tossing
    off flowers and veils, like a bride. And

    Kasischke's writing is unflinchingly honest as she stares right at
    the monsters of everyday life, Azheimers, cancer, death of a parent,
    nothing is spared. Her words are lyrical and couragous.

    A definite must read.

    So thats it for now, see you back soon and keep reading!


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    Good morning, Thanks for your inputs on our short story slams, today, we honor a special and talented poet who writes and honors military and wounded worriers as his theme in his blog, please enjoy his entry for week 29, keep sharing...

    Detroit Tigers 2012

    Miggy won the Triple Crown; MVP is no debate.
    Prince has also put up big while standing at the plate.
    J.V. is up for the CY Young; his second in two years.
    Max, has been unhittable; he leaves the field to cheers.

    Jackson ran the center field, he never left his feet.
    Berry couldn't be thrown out, he just has too much heat.
    Avila caught the balls and strikes, with a little help from Laird.
    Peralta and Infante; a descent middle once they're paired.

    Valverde heads the bullpen, with Dotel, Benoit and Coke.
    When Alburquerque gets brought in, he's always throwing smoke.
    Dirks has come through in the clutch; he's this year's big surprise.
    The ball has looked a little big in Delmon's DH eyes.

    The team was led by Leyland; the boss, the chief, the skip.
    He guided them through every game, McClendon on his hip.
    This awesome baseball season has been brought to us by God.
    And, almost every play I watched, was called by Mario and Rod.

    Please visit his blog here:

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    Where The Wild Things Are? Illustrated by Emily L. Eibel / Tomby

    Dear Writers, your talent is promising, you are welcome to
    join us for our week 30 short story slam, simply write what's 
    coming to your mind, post in your blog, tag us if possible, 
    and submit to share...We value your input and 
    looking forward to seeing you soon!
    Happy Blogging!

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    Why did you decide to get published? 

    A friend of mine introduced me to a independent publisher’s here in South Africa that published his first book and knowing that they did a brilliant job with his publication I later on contact the editor and she asked to see a manuscript and three months later I have build a great working relation with the company and the team and I have my first debut book out now.

    What kind of book do you have there? 

    Its poetry and prose it’s more reflective of the inner spirit.

    How long have you been writing? 

    I began writing since I was twelve years old, but mostly essay type, it was in 2010 I started to take up online poetry classes and attempted to love the poetic side of myself and how it regards the soul mixed with many other genres. To me it’s been my calling to write even though I didn’t study creative literature. I took my writing serious over the last three years.

    Do you have previous publishing experiences? 

    I have been a part of two previous anthologies, one being, Step Into My Shoes.

    What is the reason you chose the host of your publishing? 

    I chose KREATIV SA because they function more in the poetry genres they have selective authors from all around South Africa and a few overseas authors.
    The team that I worked with kept me included in every decision from the editing to the cover art. So I wouldn’t mine having my second book published with them.

    Which part of the book do you believe to be the most charming to readers? Please include 2 or 3 poems in your book.... 

    Walking in the rain 

    There’s something about the rain
    As it pours from the sky
     while I lift up my face to the heavens,
    listening to my shoes making sounds on a tar road,
    water tumbling down.
    So while I’m walking
    I pull from my jacket something special;
    as raindrops from the opened clouds cascade down,
    I speak in a passionate voice:
     “God, is this blessing your tears
    wanting to wash away the pain we all carry inside?”
    It’s only when the winter comes
    that rain pours down cleansing my face,
     a face that needed this rain so the pain doesn't remain …
    for what I pull from my jacket, is my heart, offered to God,
    while slowly walking in the rain.

    Wings of an angel 

    You were assigned to me by our Father. I know it shouldn’t be an easy job to acquire, but you were created to see far beyond a mortal life. Forgiving, patient, never interfering without free will. Her celestial form sends out good vibrations, waves of devotional love into the universe. Water glittering like crystals as she touches it. White wings sparkling as she bends on her knees; her hands folded together, as if she is saying a prayer. She’s a missionary from the Father, helping you to find the strength in your daily life.

    Muses of wandering passions 

    You became imprisoned in my mind,
    trapped, as I drift through stages.
    We became friends,
     but something changed:
    I became enthralled by you;
    like a sea of hope,
     exploring the depth
    where you and I becoming one in soul.
    I treasured you,
     carried you close to my heart,
    but you became imprisoned in my mind,
    when life kept tearing us apart.
    I kept reaching for my muses,
    my wandering muses, floating
    on clouds filled with their passions.
    You absorbed my words into a lustrous
    flame of explosive love that kept you
    in bounds forever.

    Do you have any hints on how to get published? 

    All I can say is this never give up if you want to be a published author just be prepared because not every publisher is going to like your work. There is the good and the bad about being a writer the bad is we get rejected on our work, but it doesn’t mean that you aren’t good, it means what you have to offer doesn’t suit that particular publishing company.

    Do you have a favourite author? 

    Too many of the classics , Robert Frost, Charles Bukowski, William Shakespeare, Elizabeth Browning and a few of the newest poets is Heather Grace Stewart, Myra Lochner and Gert Diedericks

    What are your major inspirations?

    In this moment of my life my spiritual journey, life and all its dimensions. Children is another inspiration because I love to write for them.
    I am moved by what the eyes can’t see, but what I can feel through the spiritual realm, you could say that my vision on life has changed majorly.

    What’s your writing plan for the future? 

    I am currently busy with my second book which would be a novel and so far I am looking at being done with the manuscript by the end of December 2012.

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    The Deadly Quiet Sea

    Join Ron Laughlin author of the romantic thriller The Deadly Quiet Sea at Writing Daze where he talks about his book and the writing life. Find out how he weaves a story of drugs, guns, romance and death that meet as one to set off an explosive island paradise.

    About The Deadly Quiet Sea
    A romantic thriller………… Drugs, guns, romance and death meet as one to set off an explosive island paradise. On a quiet night reef fishing in the Florida Keys Clint is startled by the sound of gunfire. Rushing to see if he can help he discovers a boat with its deck covered in blood and bodies and only one female survivor that he hurriedly takes aboard. They are chased in a barrage of machine gun fire escaping into the shallow mangrove islands. The pursuit is relentless by a Columbian drug cartel that will not stop until they finish the job. While running for their lives Clint and Ericka slowly find within each other a soul mate. Escaping to the romantic Bahamas they end up on an isolated island south of San Salvadore. Eventually they are discovered and all hell breaks loose. It is then Clint, an ex-Marine, his mates: Dan, an ex-Army Ranger; Bill, an ex-Seal and Jim an ex-Air Force pararescueman along with Andrew of the Royal Bahamas Defense Force decide enough is enough and create “The Fishing Club”. They vow to take out the drug lords from the top since no one else can touch them. “To grab the devil by the throat and never let go” is their motto. The war is on.

    Visit the website

    Purchase The Deadly Quiet Sea in e-book format or paperback version

    About Ron Laughlin
    Author Ron Laughlin
    Ron started life in Dayton, Ohio and became interested in writing early in the school years at Miamisburg and Miami University.  After ten years with the Ohio Division of Wildlife retiring as the Law Enforcement Supervisor of southwestern Ohio, Ron headed south to the Florida Keys in pursuit of a full time writing career. Writing for outdoor magazines for several years, he created two radio shows and produced an outdoor television show. Laughlin spent 20 years in the Florida Keys writing articles and had his own newspaper with a partner and son. Laughlin lives in New Zealand and writes for a Wellington newspaper as their "Dining Out" editor.
    Traveling on the road in a 7 metre bus for 5 1/2 years he wrote travel articles and has published a couple of travel books. His credits include 20 years of New Zealand travel writing and photography; it is information that came from actual experience of traveling a country that he loves. 

    Visit the website

    Purchase The Deadly Quiet Sea in e-book format or paperback version


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    30 Hours of Hope

    Michelle Moore is the author of 30 Hours of Hope, a story that deals with death and takes an inspirational look inside the end of life conversations. Writing Daze caught up with Michelle recently to find out how she weaves a story that connects two relative strangers who connect through an unexpected email.  

    About 30 Hours of Hope

    30 Hours of Hope deals with death through a powerful, candid, raw and inspirational look inside the end of life conversations of two relative strangers who connect through an unexpected email. Their fortuitous journey challenges readers to fully engage in life because it is finite.

    Purchase the book at Amazon 

    Who or what motivated you to write the book?
    Hope motivated me to write this book. We were complete strangers whose lives intersected to give the other what she desperately needed. I’m a healthy, busy mother of two from Ohio. Hope was a mother of two with end-stage Ovarian cancer from a small town of less than 300. She saw me on a TV reality show while she was in the hospital recovering from a painful chemo treatment. As she was watching, she felt I lifted her from her darkness. I “left fingerprints on her heart” as she put it. So, she wrote me a beautiful letter to let me know and, as her dying wish, had her mother track me down through the Internet to send it to me. When her mother found me, it began a 30-hour connection between Hope and I that forever changed my life. During that point in my life, I desperately needed a miracle. I needed confirmation that what I believed was very real. That we even connected and the powerful lessons I learned was that miracle and confirmation. I wrote “30 Hours of Hope” to share this message with people who need to know God is still very much in the miracle business today. 

    Read more of the interview at WritingDaze 

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    Tell us about yourself

    I’m just a simple mortal who love to get lost in the world of poetry…

    Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you?

    It means the world to me, my hidden paradise..

    When have you started blogging?

    Couple of years ago but I blossomed as a poet, I think a year and a half ago, when I fell in love…

    What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?

    I write mostly poetry about love. Love is my life line.

    What are the inspirations of your writing?

    The person I’m in love, my whole blog is a dedication for him.

    You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it?

    I think it’s so awesome for new generation poets because we tend to meet new people and read there’s wonderful writings.

    Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

    I have a couple.
    Boomi from
    Wendell from
    I am a huge fan of both of them.

    Do you have a favorite book or author?

    Shakespeare and all poets, old and new.

    What's your writing plans in the near future?
    A lot, let’s see. Love is in the air I breathe.

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  • 11/05/12--20:49: Article 10
  • Hello to the best poetry readers on the internet!

     Are you enjoying watching the earth move into a more slower pace? Are you following its cues and slowing your own pace?

    Maybe taking a little bit more time for yourself, to read, to inspire that poet that lives deep within?

    I am continuing in my search for the off beat and little known because as we all know, be it good food or great poetry....its the lesser known "off the beaten path" ones that contain treasures. It is in that spirit that I bring you today, Kim Rosen.

    Here are a couple of gems from her

    For many years, I was afraid of poetry. I felt as though it was a secret language that belonged to an elitist club, which I had not been invited to join.


     How do you find a poem that speaks the language of your soul?

    If you are reading these words, it is possible that you and I are similar, and the poems I love will also speak to you I am sure that it will. She is lyrical and imaginative. Read her and then dive deep into your own personal well of words waiting to be said.

    Till we meet again,

    Indie .

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  • 11/07/12--10:22: Poem of the Week 30: Blizken

  • Hello, we have week 30 poem of the week up for Blizken..........

     As for Short Story Slam Bi-weekly prompt, we will take a break...will be back when time fits...

    This blog is cooperated by a few officials,  so far, Rebecca and Indie are the remaining officials who are posting and may be continue posting book reviews, under their personal permission, we will also have another interview up by Friday...writing prompt will pause for some time...Sorry if you loved writing for bluebell ...there are lots of other poetry or creative fiction prompts going on, look around, find the one you like.

    Happy Blogging!

    check out our short story slam week 1 - week 30 via the link below...

    Pete Seeger Said It Best I Guess

    Pete Seeger said it best I guess,
    Tiny boxes everywhere,
    For you and me,
    But I’m not sure even he could see,
    How they’d grow exponentially,
    Till everyone,
    Old and wise,
    Young and precocious,
    Would receive some sort of diagnosis,
    Too up? Too down?  Too in-between?
    Confused? Can’t follow what I mean?
    Too active? Thinking too diverse?
    Sometimes good, but sometimes worse?
    Too happy? Whoa! That’s not good!
    Let’s try and make you feel like wood!
    Take this pill and swallow whole,
    Read the fine print,
    “Social Control”
    Medicine to be your savior,
    From the ills of human behavior,
    Which once flourished without confines,
    But now does not suit our modern times,
    You’ll meet the mold and be complete,
    There’ll be no laughing in the street,
    Fit in your box, swallow the stress,
    Pete Seeger said it best I guess.

    0 0

    About Union Hypocrisy
    Union Hypocrisy  
    Union Hypocrisy looks at multiple facets of Unions in today’s world.  It explores how unions’ react to their own staff trying to form a union in Book One.  In Book Two the book looks at a variety of circumstances where different unions go against what would be best for their membership.  Books Three and Four touch on the unions’ history and their interaction with the political parties as well as what happened to bring the unions from the day of George Meaney, the avid anti-communist AFL-CIO leader of the fifties to Richard Trumka, the current president, whose selection was praised by the Communist Party of the United States.  It also introduces those who promote themselves in public as working class defenders, but lacks such commitment behind closed doors. 

    About Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith had been a member of the Teamsters Union for 16 years.  Her final three years with the Teamsters was as the Director of their Training Program in Nevada.  She has always had a love for books and a desire to be a writer.  After attempting to write several fiction books that never would see the light of day, she finally decided to write about what she knows best – labor unions. 
    Her next book will be based on the true events that occurred when Chicago met head on with what some would say is the most dysfunctional Teamster Local in the country.  

    UNION HYPOCRISY will be available on as an e-book or can be ordered in hardcopy.

    About the Book
    1. It has some sarcastic humor to make it more entertaining to read
    2. It includes documents from inside the union
    3. It has some surprising facts about politics and their relationship to unions
    4. It introduces the reader to the fact that the AFL-CIO worked with the CIA
    5. It rips off the façade of the one of the celebrities that claims to represent the working class
    6. Once I started writing it, I was obsessed until it was finished
    7. I learned some new things during the research
    8. The book allows the reader to glimpse at what happens to members of a union when things go wrong
    9. Whether you are interested in unions or not, this is an interesting read and easy to understand
    10. The book quite simply shows an evolving entity trying to survive
    11. The group that brought you the weekend has been replaced by the group that is more concerned with a social movement than workers’ wages
    12.  This book is anything but boring
    13.  It shows the timeline where unions have traded their members concerns for political clout

    13 things About the Union
    1.  Most members have never read their own Union’s constitution. 
    2. Unions are set up like corporations, and operate like them
    3. Unions are just as adverse to their employees organizing as companies are
    4. Unions have in house political wars that make Washington DC look tame in comparison
    5. The IRB (Internal Review Board) is an arm of the Department of Justice put in place to oversee the Teamsters union in the 1989 consent decree
    6. The IRB has the power to ban people from the union for life and forbid union members from talking to a banned union member or face expulsion themselves.
    7. Trade unions have the most comprehensive and quality driven apprenticeship programs in the US
    8. Many apprenticeship programs even offer college credits for their trade training classes
    9. Although unions state that the members decide whether to accept a contract, most unions reserve the right to accept a contract without membership approval
    10. Only 6.9% of the private sector is unionized which is why unions have focused on the public, or government sector.
    11. The AFL-CIO used to be 2 separate entities – the AF of L and the CIO.
    12. When Communist members were banned from AFL-CIO membership in the 1950’s, some unions actually broke away from the AFL-CIO rather than give up their communist party ties and are still not affiliated with them to this day.
    13.  Jimmy Hoffa Jr. spent more time in the White House during the first term of George W Bush than he did during the whole time Clinton was in office.

    Fun Facts About Me
    1.       Some of my closest friends are in the union
    2.      I still have my Class A CDL
    3.      I want to live the rest of my life in Paula Dean’s kitchen
    4.      I love to write and hope to continue writing
    5.      I think the best way to face life is with an endless sense of humor
    6.      I have a 120 lbs German Shepard who is totally awesome
    7.      I am lucky to be in love with my best friend, who happens to be my husband too  (which is great it worked out that way otherwise it could get tricky)
    8.      My Mom and Dad once changed their phone number and didn’t tell me.  (and they wonder why I have issues)
    9.      I am addicted to HGTV
    10.  I am addicted to football

    Book Excerpt
    If the UNIONs are NOBLE in their Campaign Cause and unionization really is the best choice, what possibly could I or anyone else do to override their proclaimed status?
    April 2008
    The corporation distributed the following documents to its employees in their sales division offices across the United States. These documents were given to employees regardless of their seniority or sales experience. Without the benefit of negotiations or a contractual bargaining agreement, they were being informed for the first time that they could be terminated at will. The salespeople were now to be considered temporary field employees.
    The forms that came out closely resembled the following:
    1.      Affirmation Page. "By my signature below, I acknowledge that I have read the Corporation's Code of Conduct ("Code"), and that I understand my responsibilities written within the Code. I understand that the Code has been issued for informational purposes only and that it is not intended to create, nor does it represent, a contract of employment for any definite period of time." Note: Failure to read and/or sign this Affirmation will in no way relieve you of your responsibilities under the Code.
    2. Candidate Release Authorization. This authorization gives the corporation written permission to obtain virtually all the salesperson's personal records, including, but not limited to, Workers Compensation Claims, statements about personal character, mode of living, court records, education, consumer credit history, driving record, past employment references, past employment reasons for termination, and much more.
    3. Temporary Field Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form. "I acknowledge that I have received, read, and understand the policies outlined in the Corporation's Temporary Field Employee Handbook, which is intended as a guide to policies and procedures. I understand that the Corporation has the right to change the Handbook without notice. It is understood that future changes in the policies and procedures will supersede or eliminate those found in the book, and that employees will be notified of such changes through normal communication channels. The Handbook was prepared to acquaint all temporary employees of the Corporation with its core employment policies and ethical standards of conduct.
    "I also understand and agree that the information contained in these materials does not constitute an employment contract between the Corporation and me, and that either the Corporation or I may terminate our employment relationship at any time, with or without cause. I understand that no manager or representative of the Corporation, other than the CEO, the CFO, or their designees, has any authority to enter into any agreement for employment for any specified period of time, or to make any agreement contrary to the foregoing."
    4. A Letter from the Director of the Human Resources Department of the Corporation. In the letter the HR director instructs the salespeople that the corporation has developed a new employment handbook setting out the employment policies and procedures that cover the corporation's salespeople. The employees are also informed that, in the future, they will be referred to as "Temporary Field Employees." Some instructions similar to the following are included in the letter:
         Employees are instructed that they will be required to "remain in compliance with its requirements."
         Employees will be required to divulge personal information, including the Social Security numbers of spouses and children.
    All of this information, the letter reassures the reader, is for informational purposes only. (What else would it be for?)
    5. Medical Information Form. This form requires the employee to provide the corporation with the name, address, Social Security number, gender, and marital status of their spouse and children. The following note is at the bottom of the page: "This information is requested for informational purposes only and will not be used to make decisions with respect to your temporary employment status.
    6. Memorandum.
    TO: Sales Campaign Coordinators
    FROM: Operations Manager
    DATE: September 17, 2008
    RE: Employment Paper Work
    This memorandum instructs the field employees to return all the required forms as a "part of the conditions of employment." The operations manager also acknowledges that many have not yet returned the forms, despite the department making follow-up calls and mailing letters to them in attempts to get them to sign.
    7. Release Form for Consumer Reports Temporary Field Employees. This form gives the corporation permission to search additional sources for personal information about their employees in the sale department.
    This corporation provided its employees with a stark example of corporate invasion of privacy. The vast majority of the employees in the sales department did not sign the forms. Instead, they discussed and rallied toward organizing into a recognized bargaining unit. A union.
    As the employees talked among themselves and other employees, they found that they were not the only department affected by this new handbook it also applied to staff working in the political relations department. The corporation had brought in outside consultants and concocted these new employee standards, which made unilateral changes to the terms of employment for just about all corporate staffers. Corporate counsel and his wrecking crew would make more changes without bothering to negotiate them with employees. Some of the employees saw the warning signs of bad things to come when the corporate counsel fired the head of HR and replaced her with someone coming from outside the corporation—not in-house, as had been the tradition for over a hundred years. Maybe he could not find a qualified in-house applicant to fill the position. Some felt that their closely knit "family" was being corporatized. However, maybe they just never realized that had been a corporation for many years now.
    Out of all the staff affected, it was the brash and bold members of the sales department who really created a scene—because most of the salespeople were passionate about their jobs, which is what made them good. Originally, the department had two types of salespeople: those who were considered permanent full-time employees and those who were hired to work on a particular project—hence the term project salesperson. The project salespeople were hired for six months, which could be extended at six-month intervals. Over time, that became three-month terms with three-month extensions.
    With the new handbook, it was down to thirty days, with the option of a thirty-day extension.
    This corporation was quite wily when it came to reducing their exposure to employing permanent employees, thus limiting their exposure to unionization and allowing them reprieve from many of those annoying National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) rules. To further limit the potential for unionizing, project sales people were actually hired by subsidiaries and then "lent" to the Corporation. The Corporation would then reimburse the subsidiary for the cost of their wages. However, the health and welfare benefits would be covered by the subsidiary.
    Now, with the mailing of handbooks to all project sale people, they will be classified as "temporary field employees" who are AT-WILL, giving the Corporation a means to terminate those employees without cause.
    The staff sales people are official sales personnel of the Corporation because they receive their payroll check directly from the Corporation and fall under Medical & Pension Plans that the Corporation has in at its corporate headquarters.
    Project sales people receive all work assignments from the Corporation. They are accountable to the Corporation and the Corporation pays for all expenses while the project salespeople are on the ground working. Expense reports get turned in to the Corporation. Monthly activity reports are turned in to the Corporation. A daily debrief sheet and weekly reports went to the corporation. The corporation provided the cell phones.
    All salespeople, whether project or staff, performed the same work out in the field on any given day, in any targeted industry, anywhere in the USA, in both public and private sectors.
    It seemed that the corporation had a complete grasp of the legal definition of subcontracting. Since the employees came from a multitude of subsidiaries from around the country, the corporation could, of course, claim that they did not employ them; after all, they never cut a payroll check to any of the project salespeople. These people all worked for separate, subordinate bodies.
    Out of anger and rage against this abuse of their employment, salespeople could be heard voicing sentiments such as the "employee handbook"—as they called it—"is a piece of s**t!"
    Ever since I started working for this b.s. corporation, I realized I had walked into a monument to corporate greed! I was tired of the empty promises, and sick of all the smoke being blown up my ass! My dream job was nothing but a horrible nightmare: no money, no respect, and no appreciation. To top it off, the people in charge had never worked in this industry! Are you kidding me? I was just a little upset with these conditions, as you can tell. We needed a contract! I refused to be considered an "at-will employee." I had never dreamed this would happen. I was ready to stand with my coworkers to form a union! Join me and others that know we need this. Stand up and be heard!
    The corporation was another Wal-Mart.
    “Temporary field employees" were "at-will" employees. Approximately 71 percent of the salespeople refused to sign their rights away. Therefore, the corporation began calling the project salespeople in attempts to coerce them into signing their rights away. That did not work. So then they asked the site lead salespeople to ask the people working on their team to sign the paperwork. When that did not work, sales campaign coordinators, who are management, were asked to get them to sign the paperwork. One-on-one meetings took place, and management made it clear: sign the paperwork or face termination.
    On November 6, 2008, the corporation started firing.
    Corporate greed and abuse was alive and well, finding loopholes in labor law. They were abusing their employees and giving them no voice at all in the terms of employment. Anti-union corporate America.
    Which corporation "stuck it" to their employees? Which corporation insisted on at-will employment for their employees? Surely, this is an example of why employees need union representation. A union would insist on just cause; a union would force the corporation to respect its workers and give them job security. Was it Federal Express or maybe Wal-Mart? No. A corporation more anti-union than that perhaps?
    Go back and replace the words corporation with International Brotherhood of Teamsters, subsidiary with union local, and salesperson with organizer.
    What is good for corporate America is obviously not good for the international unions. And there are other unions just as guilty, such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU).
    In 2008, the Teamsters had been able to stamp down this dangerous union talk among its employees, but as of 2012, it was back again. On February 9, 2012, thirty-nine staff organizers filed a petition with the NLRB in Chicago, 8-RC-73341, for recognition under Teamsters Local 964. On March 19, 2012, the Federation for Agents and International Representatives (FAIR) filed a petition to also represent the same organizers.
    In many ways, the unions have become hypocrites about their own mantra, and we will explore many cases in this book. Trade unionism (unions consisting of those who work in a trade or craft such as pipefitters or masons) has given way to political ideologue, and unions are just as guilty, if not more so, of making a buck on the backs of the working class. After all, corporate America has never hidden its agenda of being in it for the money, whereas unions promote the cause while marching to a different tune behind closed doors. There is no better example of how an organization can remain union-free than the unions themselves. The ultimate hypocrisy.

    0 0

     Tell us about yourself

     I am a social commentary and philosophical poet, who writes with reflection on society and my understanding on life. I have been writing for a few years now and have performed in a few venues in Bristol and London 

    Tell me about your blog(s), name(s), what does it mean to you? 

     My blog is called poetrysoundbites / Kodjo Deynoo Poetry (K.D). The name poetrysoundbites was chosen to define the wave beneath my poems, each poem  has an underlining meaning and message that allows the reader to engage with his/her own thought on the subject matter. My blog is my voice to the world in a sense, it is more of a definition of me as a person, because I am not forced on condition to write to a particular manner or a view point.

     When have you started blogging?

     Started blogging in 2009, over the years I have seen many blogger come and go, there are a few who are still fanatical like I am and have been around a long while. I have made many friends with like minded views since I started blogging. So far I have close to 200,000 hits  and 4,500 comments on my blog so in some sense it could be considered a successful blog

     What's the theme(s) of your blog(s)? What do you write most? poetry, fiction or novel, or  short stories?

     Mostly short poems, and haiku on Saturdays  a few short stories and Epic poems as well. My theme is subjective to the notion I have in mind so it varies from time to time, generally it is about social commentary, philosophy and personal development.

    What are the inspirations of your writing?

     I take inspiration from the people I come across, reading news articles, politics and events from my everyday life. I enjoy nothing more than having a conversation with an individual who is enlightened in life.

    You are involved with Bluebell Books Short Story Slam writing challenge? How do you feel about it so far? What's the benefits of it?

     Most of us bloggers would have probably given up blogging long time a go, if not for the communities sites such as Bluebell creates. I feel it is an important sources of life and energy for bloggers 

    Do you have a favorite blogging friend(s) to share? Tell us about his/her blog link and the writing in it!

     I have a few and all with their own style of writing and content. 

    and Efo Dela @

       Every blogger is aspires one day to have his/her work published, especially the literature    based blogs. I have a lot of things going on at the moment so I am not particularly chasing          the publishing dream, however I can see that changing in the near future.

    Do you have a favorite book or author?

    I enjoy reading books from Dan Brown and John Gresham  

    0 0

     Kay Ryan is a talented poet, her poems are full of wonders...


    Hello, to celebrate Thankgiving holiday, I introduce you a super talented poet, Kay Ryan, check out her books from locale library or from bookstore, including amazon/com.. she is sharp, deep, and her words are full of wisdom and inspirations…


    Book Description

    Publication Date: April 1, 2009      

    Celebrate the second national "Poem in Your Pocket Day" in April 2009! The idea behind "Poem in Your Pocket Day" is simple: select a poem you love, then carry it with you to share with co-workers, family, and friends. Poems from pockets will be unfolded throughout the day with events in parks, libraries, schools, workplaces and bookstores nationwide. "Poem In Your Pocket Day" has been celebrated each April in New York City since 2002.Each year, venues burst with open readings of poems from pockets. Even the Mayor gets in on the festivities, reading a poem on the radio! Now it will be simple and fun to carry a poem in your pocket every day, not just during poetry month with "Poem in Your Pocket", published in conjunction with the Academy of American Poets. Just tear out a beloved poem from the book and put it in your pocket so you can read it and be inspired by it all day long - it's as easy as that! Whether you're a fan of Sylvia Plath or Emily Dickinson, Frank O'Hara or Walt Whitman, "Poem in Your Pocket" has a poem for everyone. link:

    Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, and Kevin McCarthy are powerful politicians, they have talents writing books too...

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  • 11/19/12--12:24: Poetry Monday
  • Hi all you good readers of fine words.

    This is a busy week for us all but once Thursday comes and you have feasted your full, you will need a good read for your turkey and cranberry filled soul to relax with.

    Well never fear, you are here!

    Todays book is entitled Goodby Flicker  by author

    Carmen Giménez Smith is
    an assistant professor in the MFA program in creative writing at New Mexico State University. She is the author of two previous collection of poetry—Odalisque in Pieces and The City She Was—and a memoir, Bring Down the Little Birds.

     her latest work, 
    Goodbye, Flicker describes the interior life of a girl named Owl, whose prince is a deadbeat dad and whose escape into a fantasy world is also an escape into language, beauty, and the surreal.
    here is one of  the poems...

    Owl Bits and Bits

    The books she covets are labeled
    with file folder labels she robs
    from her father's desk. Owl builds a
    ibrary called voluntad de oro, which literally means,
    Golden Desire or Golden Goodwill:
    Gold for Wish or Wealth and Goodwill
    for Desire or Love.
    The books were once her grandmothers
    who had also lived in the blue book and the green book
    the leaves, the petals, the letters, the skins
    in the books slip out
    and crumble like ash.
    Those books told: her of north of the goose-girl,
    of surviving caves and shipwrecks.
    The words slip in and out like
    the Wolf's tongue in Red's ear.

    So enjoy good food in the company of loved ones and then settle in with a good read for a perfect finish to your day!

    Till next time, here's wishing the best of things to you one and all,


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